Adam Hagenbuch Silent On Married Life; Means Gay?

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Adam Hagenbuch Silent On Married Life; Means Gay?

Few celebrities flaunt their romantic relationship, while some others are much more interested in keeping their personal life off the radar.

Well, Adam Hagenbuch, an actor, who portrays the character of Kimmy Gibbler's sibling on 'Fuller House,' falls into the latter category, preferring to stay mum in the matter involving his romantic relationship.

Having said that, Adam's gesture of remaining tight-lipped does raise questions among the fans regarding his relationship status along with the growing curiosity about his sexuality. 

If you too want your questions to be served with an answer, keep reading.

Silence About Wife And Married Life Details - Is He Gay?

Amada Hagenbuch has not allowed even a word to escape to the media about his relationship status. He has been keeping everything about his dating under his nose away from his fans.

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Likewise, it is still mysterious, whether or not he is dating anybody, let alone figuring out, if he is a married man keeping the details of his possible wife and wedding, hidden.

However, he did tweet a picture in May of 2017 while attending a friends' wedding, looking "a little excited" for his friend. 

But, his fans would rather want to witness him getting excited about his wedding day.

Meanwhile, maintaining silence on his love life should indeed be Adam's personal choice, but it has raised multiple questions about his romantic relationship preferences. Well, the gay rumors have already started swirling!

Moreover, although the gay rumors might turn out to be insignificant for Adam, he has had already experience gay romance on-screen while his depiction in "Switched at Birth," the ABC family drama series. 

Adam's Gay kiss with Austin Cauldwell in "Switched at birth." (Photo:

The on-screen gay depiction could indeed have played a part amidst his fans speculating him to be gay. However, until Adam comes forth addressing the matter himself, the mystery remains unsolved. 

In meanwhile, while most of his fans were speculating him to be gay or hiding his romantic relationship under the veil, Adam has finally provided an air to breathe for his admirers.

Recently on Valentine's Day, Adam revealed that he is pretty much single and he is not involved in any romantic relationship with his secret girlfriend. Turns out he not dating anyone currently.

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Adam revealed the news through an Instagram post in which he posted a photo of himself while revealing through the caption that he is absolutely single. The post came as a relief to many of his fans who look forward to having a date with him.

Bio Discloses Age - Details On Siblings

Adam Hagenbuch, an actor, writer, was born and raised in  Addison, Texas, on January 23, 1991, and is 27 years of age. Adam stands at the height of 6' (1.83 m) and currently resides in Los Angeles. He attended Trinity Christian Academy in Texas. He was raised by his parents alongside his siblings - his elder sister who is also his mentor in some way.

Talking about his career's initiation, Adam got into acting when he realized that he was not made for football. His mother suggested him for acting and set him up for acting class when he was just eight.

Moreover, Adam expressed his love for acting with Women's Wear Daily, back on 7 December 2016, stating,   

 “[My mom] popped me in this little acting class when I was about eight. I was the only boy in the class and man, I loved it. It was with this nutty woman. She was just crazy and she was like ‘You can do whatever you want. It’s all about expressing yourself and feeling things.’ I was an emotional little kid, so I loved that. I loved being able to fly off the handle and say whatever I wanted to.”

Later, Adam auditioned at the 'Chicago Unified' and got accepted for “20 schools or something.” He then set his sight on Carnegie Mellon University and headed to Pittsburgh; after which, he landed his part in 2012’s “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.”

Since then, Adam has depicted roles in various movies like 'American Cliche'(2013), 'Say You Will'(2017). He even worked in television series like 'Modern Family'(2014), 'The Brittany Murphy Story'(2014), 'Undateable'(2015), 'Switched at birth'(2015), 'Honeymoon From Hell'(2016), and few more.

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While Adam made his mark in the world of entertainment with his roles, he was also able to get Emmy nominations on his resume as one of his show Fuller House was nominated for the Outstanding Children's Program. 

Adam with his budding career evidently enjoys a handsome net worth; the figure of which is yet to get disclosed.