Adrian Chiles: Separated With Girlfriend Catherine Tate, Has a New Partner? Affair With Whom?

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Football pundit Arian Chiles experienced quite the ups and downs in his personal life...Was it his marriage or his dating issues? What could have gone wrong in this nearly...age...years-old man’s life?... Let’s begin our search...
Adrian Chiles: Separated With Girlfriend Catherine Tate, Has a New Partner? Affair With Whom?

Football pundit Arian Chiles experienced quite the ups and downs in his personal life. Was it his marriage or his dating issues? What could have gone wrong in this fifty-two-year-old man’s life?

Let’s begin the search within details on his marriage, dating affairs, net worth and more!

Dating Affair

It came to the news in 2013 that Adrian Chiles got separated from his year-long girlfriend Catherine Tate, an English comedian, actress, and writer, because of work-related problems.

Adrian Chiles and then-girlfriend Catherine Tate walks together while on holiday in 2012 (Photo:

Having been divorced one, Adrian thought giving dating a chance again, and it did go well but only for about a year. They were first introduced on Adrian’s show That Sunday Night Show in January 2011.

They might have started dating shortly after meeting, but they only went public when they took a trip to the U.S. and were photographed cuddling, hugging and kissing.

In spite of the loving display, the yearlong boyfriend and girlfriend ended their relationship.

New Partner: Affair & Girlfriend?

After his split with Catherine, he was not seen with anybody until the start of 2016.

Adrian got spotted with a lady companion in London in early 2016. According to Dailymail, Adrian, and his new partner went to The Flask Pub together and enjoyed wine.

Adrian Chiles cut a relaxed figure as he was pictured enjoying the company of a female friend in London in 2016 (Photo:

Adding to it, he was also rumored to have dated his co-presenter on the BBC One Show, Christine Bleakley. The rumors of them dating began after Adrian broke things off with his wife while Christine split from her boyfriend.

Christine was also spotted on a shopping trip near Adrian’s London flat earlier in 2012. Even though the pair started off on a wrong foot, they got along well later. They were even photographed exercising together.

However, Christine later responded to the rumors calling it "ridiculous." She divulged that there was no truth in them sharing romance. Christine and Adrian were just "good friends."

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Turns out, all the time they were spotted together were misinterpreted as they both her just hanging out either for work or just to grab lunch together. There was no hidden romance in the friendly relationship that they shared. Well, finally the truth was spoken.

Unsuccessful Married Life

Apart from his unsuccessful dating life, he previously saw an unsuccessful married life. Adrian married Jane Garvey, who is now a regular presenter of Woman’s Hour on Radio 4, in 1998.

Adrian Chiles with ex-wife Jane Garvey (

They co-parented two daughters, Evelyn and Sian, before they decided to get a divorce in June on 2008, after staying together for ten long years.

Net Worth and Salary?

After three years of working in ITV, Adrian was finally offered a massive £1million annual salary in 2014.

Well, his earnings from the past have also helped him in accumulating his fortune. As per reports, he made £4.6 million profit in 2013, The 2014 contract that he signed acted as a boost. It helped him to muster a jaw-dropping $2 million dollars.

Adrian Chiles was born on 21 March 1967, in Birmingham, England. Adrian graduated from the University of London in English Literature. He failed twice in the Civil exams and was later called to Mi5, but he failed in the interview as well.

The failure led him to study journalism at Cardiff. He then worked as a sports reporter for News of the World.

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He then moved to BBC to gather information and then later to BBC Sports where he became the host for Match of the Day 2. While in BBC Sports, he covered BBC’s Euro 2008 coverage. Chiles later moved to ITV in 2010 and worked as a football presenter till 2015.

He is currently working as a presenter for BBC One and BBC Two.

Struggle With Depression 

Adrian spoke about his harrowing ordeal of mental health while talking to The Times in 2018. He opened up about the time in his life when he got fired from ITV in 2012, which took a toll on the TV host’s mental health. 

To tackle the problem, he started taking medically advised anti-depressant. Along with mental health issue, the BBC presenter has been a heavy drinker all his life. He reportedly drank multiple glasses of wine, four pints of Guinness, four bottles of beer and a glass of champagne in a day. And, even went on-air with hungover.

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The Brit added that he would feel fine during the taping but would later feel wasted.

The BBC host opened about the mental health and alcoholic habits ordeal as he was advised by the doctor to cut out his alcohol consumption.

The advice came after Adrian’s ultrasound revealed his damaged body due to decades of alcohol intake. His doctor even warned that he was close to death unless he improved the way of life.