Agnes Wilczynski Bio, Age, Married, Net Worth

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Agnes was born on 17th May of the year 1977...Agnes has a background in hair design...worked in Ferarri Dealership as sales person...She makes regular appearances on Tanked...
Agnes Wilczynski Bio, Age, Married, Net Worth

Ever since people saw a few glimpses of her on Tanked, people have been curious to know, who the blonde is.

Well, she is Agnes Wilczynski and here is a detailed look into her life regarding bio, age, married status, net worth, and measurements!

Agnes Wilczynski Biography, Age

Agnes was born on 17th May of the year 1977. Her birth sign is Taurus.

For her measurements, the 41-years-old falls on the highest range of the beauty category. She is a gorgeous blonde with an average height and weight.

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Above everything else, a woman understands the value of family, and that family comes first. Agnes is of no exception. She is very close to her family and spends every bit of time she can with them.

Agnes Wilczynski and her brother on his birthday on 3 July 2017 (Photo: Agnes Wilczynski's Instagram)

She has a brother (unnamed) with whom she is very close. She regularly posts photos with him while traveling and attending several events. For instance, she posted a photo of herself and her brother celebrating his birthday in 2018. 

Keeps Relationship Secret

Being famous comes with a price. People will want to know every detail about you. And the most sought after information is relationship status. Dating anyone? Married? Or already divorced? The internet performs surgery on a celebrity's life to find everything on them. 

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Anges is one of those very few that have successfully kept most of her personal life private. However, she does post photos of herself with a baby girl, who looks just like her. This adds more fuel to the suspicion that she is married and already has children with her husband. 

Agnes Wilczynski with her supposed daughter on 29 December 2018 (Photo: Agnes Wilczynski Instagram)

However, That's all that can be found on her. There is no trustworthy information anywhere on the internet about her relationship status. Does she have a secret husband? Fans will only know if and when she decides to reveal it.

Career Plus Net Worth

Agnes has a background in hair designing, but she has had her hands in various field. She was working in the sales department at a local Ferrari dealership where she met Wayde, co-owner of the Las Vegas-based aquarium manufacturer Acrylic Tank Manufacturing.

She sold Wayne a Porsche and also secured herself a position as a member of the ATM team. 

Now, she handles the day to day incoming calls, coordinates with designers to estimate job costs and create quotes so that ATM can bid on projects. 

Agnes also has her fair share on the TV screens of America. She makes regular appearances on Tanked, an American reality television series airing on Animal Planet. She first appeared on screens in episode seven on season three of the show, and she has been making guest appearances ever since. 

However, there is no information on how much her salary is and how much net worth she has accumulated over almost a decade of hard work.