Alahna Ly Bio, Age, Real Name, Boyfriend

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Alahna Ly is a famous internet personality known for her...made a name for herself covering songs of various singers like...her Instagram & Tik Tok followers amount to...her net worth is...her dating status...has a boyfriend...
Alahna Ly Bio, Age, Real Name, Boyfriend

Talent is a crucial factor in the showbiz today, and so is physical beauty. Blessed with both, Alahna Ly has attracted fans through her attractive body physique. And, through her singing & dancing skills, she has swept off many men off their feet.

Initially, the internet personality made a name for herself covering songs of various singers like Ed Sheeran, Adele, and Justin Bieber; but, she soon moved onto original songs, which showcased her talents as a musician.

Alahna Ly Wiki-Based Bio

Born in Royal Oak, Michigan, Alahna Ly - whose real name is as same as her Instagram name, is 20 years in age. She enjoys her birthday on the 11th day of March. A music enthusiast since childhood, her parents' support played a crucial role in determining Alahna's career choices.

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Alahna, still a high school student, rose to fame through Instagram. She initially posted pictures of herself. However, her posts soon shifted to dancing and singing videos.

As of today, she has over 1.3 million followers on the famous social media site.

Alahna Ly poses in her classic bikini looks in June 2019 (Photo: Alahna Ly's Instagram)

Further, Alahna is active on the short-video sharing site, Tik Tok, where she has amassed a fan base of over 65,000 till date.

While Alahna is primarily recognized for her cover songs, she has also composed some original tracks. Some of her creations are titled So What's Up, The Gold, and Erase Me Out Your Phone.

She has also built a fortune from her career as an internet personality. Although her net worth is yet to be revealed, fans assume she is worth millions judging by her lavish lifestyle.

About her measurements, her height extends 4 ft. 8 inches (1.42 cm) from the ground and she weighs nearly 50 kgs as of 2019.

Secretly Dating, Boyfriend?

Due to her rising fame, Alahna's dating life has sparked curiosity among fans since a while now. However, her secretive personal life has barred her admirers for knowing her dating status.

She does occasionally provides hints on her relationship, but they are often vague and incomplete information. Back in June 2017, the Instagram star mentioned that she was single at the time. But, she failed to disclose whether she was recovering from a breakup or was always alone.

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Further, on Valentine's day 2019, Alahna shared a self-portrait wishing the occasion to a mystery man. But, she failed to mention the identity of the man, who was the recipient of the lovely valentine wish. She did get a rose from her assumed lover, though.

As you may have found out by now, Alahna hasn't revealed if she has a boyfriend or not. She hasn't even admitted whether she wants a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Due to her very private lifestyle, Alahna's sexuality as a lesbian has also been speculated.