Angela Merkel Husband, Children, Net Worth

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The serving German Chancellor from 2005, Angela Merkel has decided to step down from her duties in 2021 following a series...seal the deal she referred the situation as a case of dehydration due to... announced not taking part in the leader re-election for the CDU as well as stepping down as the nation's... tying the knot both the lover secretly dated for...
Angela Merkel Husband, Children, Net Worth

After serving as German Chancellor for nearly 15 years, Angela Merkel has decided to step down from her duties in 2021. Her decision to retire is linked to a series of health-related concerns, which has been bugging the politician for quite a while now.

Angela's health issue first became apparent in June 2019 when she was seen shaking vigorously during a ceremony in Berlin. Although she earlier dismissed it as dehydration due to the excess heat, the incident repeated after nine days. 

On 27 June, the Chancellor was spotted again in an uncomfortable posture at the event of the appointment of Germany’s Justice Minister.

Bidding farewell to a splendid career, Angela - who first assumed the position in 2005 - has over a year to serve her tenure. However, her decision to step down had come in 2018, long before her health issues became public.

In her absence, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is leading the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). But, Annegret's leadership is under constant questioning.

Married To Husband

All the matters related to Angela Merkel are transparent to the people as she is one of the most significant political powers in Europe.

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However, unlike many, she has been able to hide her personal life from the camera to some extent. It is no secret that the physician is a two times married woman.

At the age of 23, she married Ulrich Merkel - a physics student. After five years of togetherness, the couple parted ways in 1982.

As of now, Angela is married to a quantum chemist and professor Joachim Sauer. Before tying the knot in 1988, the politician and her husband secretly dated for years. Matter of fact, their wedding was initially not known by many.

Angela Merkel pictured with husband Joachim Sauer post-2014 (Photo:

The two don’t have any children together. However, her husband Joachim has two sons named Adrian and Daniel from a previous relationship.

Bio: Education, Family

Angela Merkel was born in Hamburg, Germany on 17 July 1954. Her father worked in an office in Quitzow; whereas, her mother was a teacher of Latin and English.

After her father's transfer, the whole family moved to East Germany. Like her parents, Angela was a smart child in terms of studies. 

Completing high school in 1973, she enrolled in the University of Leipzig for her higher education. There she gained her diploma and started working at the Central Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences.

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Soon her hunger for knowledge earned her a doctorate in Quantum chemistry before eventually stepping into politics in 1989.

Salary & Net Worth

Holding one of the reputed ranks in the country, Angela is bound to serve her people without any personal interest. 

In doing so, she faced a lot of challenges but never let her country down. As the first woman Chancellor in Germany, the 65-year-old revolutionized the CDU, grabbing the most significant victory in the German election history.

That's not all; she has actively represented the people of Germany in many international meets, conferences, and showcased her concern on majors world crisis.

For such devotion and dedication, Angela is rewarded with a decent salary of $234,383 per year.  

Though her net worth is calculated to be around $11.5 million, her salary has only increased by 2.2% since 2015.