Is Anika Noni Rose Married?

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Is Anika Noni Rose Married?

Anika Noni Rose, an American actress, and singer have had a long and successful career in both singing and acting. She has won many reputed awards in her entire career. 

However, this outstanding lady might not have a husband yet or is still looking for one. However, there have been some rumors that she has only been in a relationship with one man. Is it true? 

Anika Noni Rose’s Husband 

Aika Noni Rose keeps her personal life away from the spotlight. It is especially difficult to learn about her love life as she never shares anything anywhere on social media. 

However, if you are a fan of Noni Rosa and follow her social media, you may have noticed her uploading images with Colman Domingo, whom she refers to as her love.

After seeing their pictures together, some publications have reported them being in a relationship for over a decade. 

Noni Rose and Colman's dating speculations started after seeing their captions which grabbed their fans' interest and made them wonder if they were dating in real.

Noni Rose And Colman Having Dinner

Anika Noni Rose and Colman Domingo enjoying their meal in Manhattan, NY in 2008. (Source: NYTimes)

But still, there was no official statement from either of them, which made the rumors untrustable. 

By looking at the history of Noni Rose being private, her followers also guessed Colman as her husband and wondered if they got married secretly. There was a lot of speculation about them getting engaged.

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However, the rumor of Colman being Noni Rose’s husband died after Colman announced his sexual orientation is toward men, and he publicly accepted that he is gay. Colman also got married to Raul Aktanov in 2014. Colman is still living a blissful life with her husband.

Having said that, Noni Rose and his rumored husband Colman were just friends and had a perfect friendship. 

After the rumors died, Noni Rose was again rumored to be in a relationship with a person named Peter. But, there was no information about him which proved to be speculation. 

Furthermore, there is no information about having children as Noni Rose has never been suspicious of being pregnant. We all know celebrities love to keep their personal life away from the spotlight, but there has been news about Noni Rose having children, but the information about the children can’t be verified. 

Currently, Nani Rose is focusing on her career. Her voice was recently heard in Amphibia, an American animated television series. In addition, she has done a lot of movies, web series, stage dramas, and even had her voice used in video games. 

She is known for her scintillating roles in her movies and also for her music. But we might want to draw your attention away from her professional accomplishments and discuss her career. So let us shed some light on it.

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Anika Noni Rose’s Career

Born on September 6, 1972, in Bloomfield, Connecticut, United States, Anika Noni Rose is an American actress and singer best known for her movie "Dreamgirl" and "The Princess and the Frog." She has famously won Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical Role, a major highlight in her career. 

Her parents, John Rose Jr. and Claudia Rose must have been proud of her accomplishments thus far. She was also involved in some school productions while she was in her freshman year, and that is when she caught the acting bug. 

Akina In Disney For The Princess And Frog

Noni Rose says, "Still a joy and an honor." (Source: Instagram)

Her hard work and dedication are never found lacking in her projects which is why she has been able to help her finances boost with time, and as a result, she has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

However, she still has not revealed if she is engaged or married and has a husband in her life. Furthermore, she has not announced any information which confirms her relationship or marital status. 

Maybe, someday she will share information about her someone special. We will surely update you guys on her relationship status in the future. But, till then, stay tuned.