How Much Is Arsenio Hall Net Worth & What Happened To His Show?

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How Much Is Arsenio Hall Net Worth & What Happened To His Show?

Arsenio Hall is a TV show host most famous for his eponymous late-night talk show, The Arsenio Hall Show (1989). After running the show on his own for five years, he disappeared from the limelight in1994.

However, after four years of hiatus, he emerged back as an actor, writer, comedian, and producer. Keep reading to find out about him. 

What Happened To Arsenio Hall And His Show?

With guests more inclined to the hip hop genre at the time, his guests and talks attracted the younger demographic skyrocketing The Arsenio Hall Show's views. 

However, after running for five years, the show began to lose views and ratings, causing the production to cancel the show.

In 2013 however, the show got its chance at a revival, gaining good ratings for a couple of weeks. Sadly, it was not mean to be as ratings slowly started to plummet, ending the show chance at rebirth in 2014.

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Since then Arsenio has made his appearances in Netflix comedy Special in 2019, it is also reported that he might return on the classic movie Coming to America sequel Coming to America 2 in 2020.

What Is Arsenio’s Net Worth?

With all his past works and endeavors, Arsenio is assumed to earn a whooping sum of $16 million. As of now, Arsenio enjoys a lavish lifestyle with a 10,000 sq feet home at the Hilltop Shangri-La, Topanga.

Arsenio Hall during one of his comedy acts in 2019 (Photo: Arsenio Hall's Instagram)

Before he made it big, Arsenio started from the bottom. In the early years, he received the chance to work on Soul Train (1971)-an American music-dance TV program. His big break, however, came in the year 1988 when he starred alongside Eddie Murphy in the hit movie, Coming To America.

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After that, he had a slew of semi-successful works, mostly in the comedic department. He then spread his line from his work as a comedic actor to starting to host his show. Post the show's end in 1989, followed by an unsuccessful revival in 2014, he worked in TV shows, namely Lopez (2014) and All About The Washingtons (2018), to name a few. 

Interesting Facts On Arsenio

  • He was born on 12 February 1956, which makes him the age of 63 in 2019.
  • The TV host received his university education from Ohio and Kent State University.
  • He has very long fingers and arms.
  • His trademark gesture is a rallying hand and an excited whooping.