Barry Bonds Wife, Family, Net Worth

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Barry Bonds faced a humiliating tag of a cheater after a wonderful career in the sport of baseball following series of bad decisions and...firstly married ex-wife Susann Margreth Branco in 1988 with a prenup and shared two children named...was a star in the baseball diamond and a family hero in...set many records in the playing field like the player with most home runs, walks, and...
Barry Bonds Wife, Family, Net Worth

A series of bad decisions and carelessness has led the seven times NL MVP,  Barry Bonds to a humiliating tag of a cheater after an incredible career in the sport of baseball.

After being charged with using an illegal drug to enhance his performance in the baseball field, the side effects were not only seen on his return but also his personal life.

His relationship started to fall apart as the left fielder divorced his first wife and faced another divorce from second wife Elizabeth in 2009. 

Married Status

Barry Bonds faced a terrible outing when it came to maintaining a relationship. He firstly married ex-wife Susann Margreth Branco in 1988 with a prenup and shared two children Nikolai and Shikari with her. They had met in the Summer of 1987.

During their time together, Susann wanted to return to school and become a makeup artist. The MLB star, however, would often beat her and would not let her study. After six long years, the couple finally parted ways.

After a lengthy divorce battle, a judge ordered Barry to pay his wife a combined $20,000 monthly in spousal and child support. Susann claimed custody of their children.

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Furthermore, Barry did not stop there. He married to a second wife, Elizabeth Bonds in 1998 and nurtured a daughter named Aisha Lynn between eleven years of their marriage. In 2009, Elizabeth also filed a divorce against the player citing irreconcilable difference.

2011 saw a plot twist as Kimberly Bell - Barry's girlfriend during the time of the two marriage - appeared in the courtroom to justify the changes in Barry due to drug abuse. Amid all this mess, the former Pirates main man was considered a very notorious lover cheating with his wife's.  

Family, Age, Height

The passion for baseball runs deep in the Bonds' family. The former Giants star inherited the love for the sports from his dad Bobbie Bonds and granddad Willie Mays.

Fifty-five years old Barry Bonds was born on 24 July 1964 in Riverside, California to proud parents who encouraged him to pursue a career in baseball. So with his father's guidance, he started his journey to become the all-time greats of the game. 

Breaking records at will, the seven times Golden Gloves receiver was a star in the baseball diamond and a family hero. At the age of 43, Barry retired from the sport as the intake of performance-enhancing drugs physically challenged him.

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His weight started increasing rapidly, and he didn't look as tall as his proclaimed height of 6 feet 1inch (1.85m). The drug began to take a toll on his body resulting in his diminishing overall performances. 

Net Worth

After spending 22 seasons in the MLB scene, Barry Bonds set many records in the playing field like the player with most home runs, walks, and intentional walks. Following his retirement from the sport in 2007, he was a sure shot candidate for the Hall Of Fame.

Unfortunately, before crossing the barrier of getting into the Hall of Fame, the hard hitter was charged for lying of drug abuse. A small mistake cost Barry a lot as he got labeled as a cheater and people forgot what he brought to the table.

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However, serving many years of his career in baseball for the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants, the legend was rewarded with a decent amount of earning.

Putting together all his career making from contracts, salary, brand endorsements and sponsors, Barry's net worth tally up to $80 million, which was among one of the highest-paid athelete in 2019.