Brenton Thwaites Girlfriend Resembles Wife Like Figure | Gay Rumors Talks

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Brenton Thwaites, known for his role in Pirates of Caribbean, has been speculated as...but contrast to it, he shares a loving romance with his girlfriend...they met back the...adding to it, Brenton also shares baby... with his possible wife...
Brenton Thwaites Girlfriend Resembles Wife Like Figure | Gay Rumors Talks

The Australian actor Brenton Thwaites, first rose to prominence in the Fox8 teen drama Slide in which he portrays as Luke Gallagher. Eventually, he landed himself in various roles in big screens such as Pirates of Caribbean and Maleficent.

With his shirtless appearances and rise to stardom, he garnered a lot of fan following for himself who are much eager to know about the romance that she shared with his girlfriend. While he enjoys the family life with his possible wife, he is also suspected to be a bisexual. How true is that?

Well, let's find out.

Gay Talks - Hints Bisexuality?

Brenton Thwaites, who has also made his appearance on the soap opera Home and Away, has left out pieces hinting his bisexuality. While is comfortable sharing talking about his sexuality his talks on interviews have hinted his inclination towards bisexuality.

Back in October 2014, he opened up in an interview with The Fix. In the interview, he indirectly divulged that he is open to sharing romance with both male and female.

While the interviewer asked him what kind of traits he looked for in a partner, he seemingly replied saying, "Male or Female?"

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Brenton's answer caught everyone by surprise as he seemed willing to share the love with both genders. In turn, the interviewer replied saying "Both", to which Brenton, who has an average net worth, smartly divulged saying, "they're very different."

Adding to it, he expressed his thoughts saying that he looks for someone with "peanut butter in their cupboard." 

Well, it was not the first time he had candidly spoken about being comfortable opening up regarding his sexuality. Back in August, during his appearance in a radio show, he revealed that during his first arrival in Los Angeles, he had tried to get himself a bartending job at various gay bars. 

A Peek At Relationship With Girlfriend - Possible Wife?

While his sexuality has been speculated, Brenton, who stands at the height of 6' 2" (1.88 m), gracefully shares romance with his girlfriend Chloe Pacey. Even though the couple was silent about their romance during most part of their relationship, they seem to share a strong bond together.

Turn out, Brenton and Chloe actually met very randomly leading them to share lifelong romance. As per the reports, Brenton met Chloe, who is an artist, on the Australian version of Craigslist, back in February 2015. 

When Brenton was in Australia shooting for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, he was in a need of a place to live during his time there. He searched for the place online and fortunately found a house share. Turns out Chloe was one of the roommates. 

Eventually, the romance between the two emerged. However, both of them remained utterly silent about their romance until they made a public appearance at the premiere of In the Heart of the Sea in late 2015. During the premiere, the couple was first pictured together. 

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Chloe, who is also a naturopath student, appeared showing off her baby bump. But at that time, both Brenton and Chloe refused to comment on the relationship that they shared. 

Later, their romance was confirmed by one of their spokesperson who also revealed that the pair was expecting a baby. Later in March 2016, Chloe gave birth to their firstborn baby daughter Birdie. 

Brenton Thwaites with his girlfriend Chloe and daughter Birdie. (Photo: Chloe Pacey's Instagram)

The news of her birth was revealed later when the parents took their baby girl for her first beach outing. Well, now they seem to share a perfect family of three together. 

Talking about their relationship, the proud parents have not yet confirmed that they have officially exchanged the wedding vows. But back in May 2016, Chloe posted a photo with her beau which was captioned with a bride and groom emojis hinting their wedding.

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However, there has not been any actual confirmation from the two and neither of them has been witnessed with a wedding ring on their ring finger.