Brooke Vincent Married, Husband, Boyfriend

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Brooke Vincent To Get Married? Footballer Boyfriend Sparks Engagement Rumors With Instagram Post Even if they want to keep their personal life low-key, they can’t stop their fans and followers to investigate on their personal life.Brooke Vincent, who is gorgeous without any weight loss and plastic surgery, has a very exciting love life which has always been easy to read. But is Brooke engaged by now? Or is already married?
Brooke Vincent Married, Husband, Boyfriend

Every person wants privacy at a certain point in their life. But for a celebrity, maintaining confidentiality in their personal life is a tough job. Even if they desire to keep their private aspects low-key, celebs can’t stop their fans and followers from investigating and sometimes invading their personal space.

Brooke Vincent, who is gorgeous without any weight loss and plastic surgery, has an inspiring love life which has always been easy to read. But is Brooke engaged by now? Or, is she already married? Read along to find out!

Meet Brooke's Husband Prospect - Detailed Dating History

After a failed relationship with Chelsea midfielder Josh McEachran, Coronation Street star Brooke began dating another footballer, Kean Bryan. The 26-year-old actress sparked her new romance in April 2016.

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Brooke was a little nervous about her relationship with 22-year-old Kean but later started flaunting her love life all over her Instagram. She confirmed her ties in June 2016 by sharing sweet pictures and videos with her footballer boyfriend.

On 21 June 2016, she shared a video from her vacation in Barcelona with Kean along with the caption,

“My New Favourite City; Barcelona You've Been A Dream”

After dating for almost a year, in 2017, Brooke seemed ready to take the next step, i.e., to get married. Apparently, she had made plans on getting engaged with her boyfriend as Kean sparked the engagement rumors with his Instagram post.

On 16 April 2017, Kean shared an image of himself hugging Brooke, who was taking a mirror selfie. He also wrote 16.04.16 with an emoji of heart and ring in the caption. One could also see a ring on Brooke's engagement finger which intrigued their engagement.

Engaged Or Married?

Despite the grand reveal, Brooke delivered a blow to her well-wishers when she revealed that the engagement had been a big misunderstanding. Almost a year after the said post, in March 2018, Brooke cleared the speculations by saying,

"We’re not engaged! Kean took a picture of us on selfie mode so it looked like I had a ring on my left hand, but it was on my right. It’s a ring my mum gave me for Christmas, nothing more!"

At the time, the talented actress claimed that she was the happiest woman in the world. Calling Kean her polar opposite, she asserted that the two were not rushing to get married, citing age as the reason.

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Little did Brooke know that she would get pregnant in a year time. In April 2019, she revealed that she and her boyfriend, Sheffield United player Kean, were expecting their first ever baby

Gracing the cover of the "OK! Magazine" with a baby bump, she beamed with confidence. In an interview with the same publication, she also opened up about her relationship with her mother.

Brooke Vincent shows off her baby bump on the April 2019 cover of OK! Magazine (Photo:-

Along with her mom, Brooke expects her husband prospect Kean - who she insists will be a great dad - to be her support system throughout pregnancy.

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Relationship With Ex-Boyfriend

Prior dating Kean, Brooke dated Josh McEachran starting in May 2011. They first met through Reece Brown, their mutual friend.

The former duo split more than once over the years. They dated for more than four years and finally separated in January 2016.

Brooke Vincent and her ex-boyfriend Josh McEachran photographed at their romantic dinner date at Nobu in August 2012 (Photo Credit:

 The reason behind Brook and Josh's separation is believed to be the distance between them. According to a source:-

"They tried to give it a good go but they've simply grown apart. He's down in London and Brooke is up in Manchester.The long-distance thing works for some people but not for them. Josh has been texting Brooke since the split but she's determined this is now the end and has told pals there's no going back.”

The yet-to-be-identified source immediately followed up by saying.

"There's no bad blood between them. They've been together since they were teenagers and have vowed to remain friends."

No doubt, Brooke is now enjoying a beautiful relationship with her boyfriend, Kean Bryan.