Finding Love, Carl Weathers Has Been Married Three Times. But, the Question Remains Did the Actor Get What He Wanted?

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Finding Love, Carl Weathers Has Been Married Three Times. But, the Question Remains Did the Actor Get What He Wanted?

Carl Weathers is a former Oakland Raiders player of the National Football League (NFL) and an accomplished American actor.

Along with an amazing career, Carl's married life with his wife. Or should we mention wives have also garnered some headlines in the past.

Let's get into it,

Who is Carl Weathers's Wife?

Single now star has been married three times in the past with three of his spouses.

Carl’s first marriage came in 1973 when he married his first wife, Mary Ann Castle. Unfortunately, the ex-couple's marriage resulted in divorce on 22nd July 1983 after a decade of being together.

Further, his second wife is Rhona Usneel, whom he married in 1984, but sadly, that marriage also ended up in a divorce in 2006.

Carl Weathers Along with His Former Wife Jennifer Peterson

Carl Weathers, Along with His Former Wife, Jennifer Peterson (source: agefotostock)

Carl did not give up on love and on 24th March 2007, once again tied up his knot with his third wife, Jennifer Peterson. However, after two years of togetherness, the couple parted ways.

As the star actor loves to keep his romantic life away from the media's limelight, there have been little to no details regarding any of his wives.

Whereabouts Now

Many of his fans are wondering about the current status and work of this multi-talented genius, who has aced in two major careers – football and acting. Cheers to the 74-year-old Carl, who is still going active in the Hollywood and entertainment industry.

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Apart from enjoying his role in the TV comedy series, Arrested Development, Carl's recent acting ventures have been in the TV series like Star vs. the Forces of Evil (2017-19), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2018), Magnum P.I (2018), and The Mandalorian (2019-2022).

Carl Weathers (right) with Sylvester Stallone (center) and Michael B. Jordan (left)

Carl Weathers (right) with Sylvester Stallone (center) and Michael B. Jordan (left) (source:

In all honesty, Carl’s voice has also emerged with a tremendous amount of gravitas, and his fans are drawn to his unique sound.

No wonder the former NFL star was busy in 2019, giving his deep, commanding voice for Combat Carl in Toy Story 4 and The Apologizer for Pinky Malinky.

NFL star is also best known for his role as Apollo Creed in the Oscar-winning movie Rocky plus three of the sequels, Al Dillon in Predator and Chubbs Peterson in Blockbuster comedy Happy Gilmore and Little Nicky.

More on Carl Weathers

Talking about his career, does the Combat Carl ring any bells?

Well, the hands are raised for all the Toy Story fans. In the very first Toy Story, there was a toy named ‘Combat Carl,’ the name itself takes us back to a particular type of action figure, which never shied away from doing the right thing, be it in battle or otherwise.

Fans finally met the real Combat Carl in 2013 with Toy Story of Terror, voiced by Weathers.

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Also, Carl was inducted into the International Mustache Hall of Fame in 2016 in the category of Film and Television.

Moving on to his family, towering with a height of 6 feet 1 inch, i.e.1.85 m, Carl has two children. Both the children were from his first marriage with his former wife, Mary Ann Castle.

Matthew Brandon Weathers and Jason Anthony Weathers are the sons of the actor. Mathew is 46 years old, and his younger brother Jason is 43 years old.

As someone who has been a star in his football career, Oakland Raiders (1970-1971), Canadian Football League (CFL) (1971-1974), and has given more than four decades in the entertainment industry, Carl sits comfortably at an estimated net worth of $8 Million according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Witnessing the star's ongoing and successful career, we cannot wait to update you guys more on him!