Is Cassey Ho Dating? Has A Boyfriend To Support Her Amid Workout Criticism?

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Is Cassey Ho Dating? Has A Boyfriend To Support Her Amid Workout Criticism?

With the diversified people existing in the same world, we have people who like to take their personal and professional life hand in hand, focusing on both the aspects equally and on the contrary, we have individuals who concentrate on being professionally successful and takes personal life a little bit for granted.

So which category does the Youtube fitness star Cassey Ho falls in? Is she successful in maintaining her personal and professional life side by side? Or is she just focused on her profession, leaving the personal aspect of her life behind? Let's find that out!

Is Cassey Ho Dating Anyone? Boyfriend In The Picture?

Youtube has captured the internet by storm and has given a spectacular platform for people who can entertain others doing different kinds of stuff.

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Cassie Ho is also a star who rose to fame by youtube. She runs two separate youtube channel, both featuring fitness routine, and she has over 13million views combined, and the number is increasing.

Casey instructing fitness routine (Photo:

With charming looks and a fit body, she sure has lots of male fans, who appreciate her and probably won't mind dating her too, but what is Casey's take on having a boyfriend?

Referring to a Facebook post on her Twitter she tweeted about how someone already picked a boyfriend for her in April of 2018. Her tweet read:

"HAHAHA someone said they already picked out my boyfriend from the photo of hot guys in this post."

She also tweeted about a dream in 2015 and also mentioned how thankful she was for having woke up from a dream she was getting married in. She revealed:

"Had a dream I was getting married last night and the whole thing was a disaster! OMG so glad to be awake."

If we refer to the above tweets she made, it is crystal clear that she isn't into marriage at all, as she mentioned how the dream was a total disaster.

However, the speculation can be made other way round too; she might have tweeted, such things to deviate the people's attention from her personal life.

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Engaged To Be Married: Hid Boyfriend For 9 Years

Little did her 1.4 million Instagram followers know that Casey had hidden her relationship from them for nine whole years.

In August 2018, she broke the news of her engagement to her long-term boyfriend, Sam Livits via Instagram.

Casey announces her engagement (Photo:- Casey Ho's Instagram)

Besides the announcement, she also tackled the questions as to why she hadn't revealed the identity of her boyfriend. She wrote:

"But I never really posted about Sam before since I put so much out there already, and we wanted something special for ourselves."

Casey met her fiance, Sam in 2008 at Whittier College while looking for a Finance tutor. After graduation, the pair remained in contact. And in 2011, they decided to give their relationship a real shot.

And as the saying goes, the rest is history!

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Casey Ho's Biography Including Height, Net Worth & Ethnicity

The youtube Fitness sensation, Casey, 30 with a height of 1.65 meters, belongs to Vietnamese ethnicity, as her parents Bach Ho and Cuu Ho, both are from Vietnam. Born in LA, California she is an American Social media fitness entrepreneur.

Casey is also known as the creator of fun but intense workouts and has a website that sells fitness apparel. Her first YouTube channel is 'Blogilates' and the second one is' fashion of fitness.' Her first YouTube video was posted in the year 2009.

Casey is also known for introducing a new workout routine; POP Pilates (a fusion of Pilates and Dance music). She was also named Best Healthy Living Blogger by Fitness magazine in 2012. She even delivers a new workout plan on her YouTube channel every week, like that of two-time Olympian athlete, Nick Katlin's workout exercises.

With her YouTube channel growing daily, Casey has a success loaded career till date; she must have an impressive net worth which she hasn't yet revealed. Hopefully, she will soon have a boyfriend to support her amid workout!