Openly Gay James Charles, Exceptional Makeup Artist Boyfriend | Dating?

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American internet personality James Charles faces a complicated dating life...James accepts his struggles in dating with...One of the biggest makeup stars of today, James originally got into makeup by...Despite all the struggles James had to go through, which he still does at certain times, he never had...
Openly Gay James Charles, Exceptional Makeup Artist Boyfriend | Dating?

American internet personality James Charles is the perfect living example that a person's success is hardly affected by their gender or sexuality!

Just at the age of 17, James Charles Dickinson made it to the cover of the Covergirl’s magazine, becoming the first one to do so and quickly became a hot cake among the favorite beauty vloggers in the industry.

While James releases makeup and beauty tutorials to his self-titled beauty channel, he has become one of the highest trending stars on Youtube. However, the beauty blogger's success also includes his struggles with his sexuality and boyfriend issues. 

With a no-fear attitude and immense courage, openly gay James has his own story to tell, how he silenced all criticisms and dealt with boyfriend issues!

James' World Of Makeup

It is usually hard when you are a boy in a traditionally female dominated industry. But not for James!

He has cleared all the myths and eliminated all boundaries in proving gender doesn't determine any profession.

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The 20-year-old makeup star loved drawing portraits since his childhood days. So his love for beautiful faces was never a question. However, his first foray into the world of beauty was through hairstyling as his father used to teach him how to braid hair when he was a little boy.

One of the biggest makeup stars of today, James originally got into makeup by accident. It was only when his best friend was running late for her makeup appointment that he first picked up a makeup brush. What a decision that proved out to be!

James Charles becomes Covergirl's first cover boy (Photo:

Regarding his makeup skills, Charles- who was born on 23 May 1999 in Bethlehem, Newyork- is all natural talent. It's fascinating how a boy who originally learned and practiced makeup from YouTube videos, now has his own YouTube channel with over 8 million subscribers where makeup tutorials are done.

Supportive Parents Fought Off Gay Stereotypes

It's usually a difficult childhood being an only gay person in the family. Despite all the struggles James had to go through, which he still does at certain times, he never had the judgemental problem coming from his family. His parents were totally supportive and immediately accepting after he came out as gay at 12 years old.

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Unlike other families, his parents were supportive when he told them about his ambitions and how he wanted to pursue a career in makeup. His dad, a contractor by profession, converted an area in their home’s basement into a makeup studio to help his son pursue his dreams.

His mother is also entirely behind her son and is actively found fighting off comments in social media targeted to his son.

James Charles poses with family on 17 December 2017 (Picture: James Charles' Twitter)

James also has a younger brother, Ian, who has too caught attention after collaborating in some of James’s makeup videos.

Boyfriend Struggles; "Don't Have Boyfriend To Get Flowers"

Overcoming diversity has been the most aspiring characteristic of the man. Always facing criticisms for his sexuality, profession, and despite being legally blind, having to use corrective lenses to maintain his vision, he remains as one of the top makeup artists in the world.

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Dating life for James hasn't been easy. Especially after he rose to fame, the makeup artist faces a complicated dating life. In an interview given to Seventeen, James accepts his struggles in talking with boys.

“I’m very bad at talking to boys. I’m not that great at it.”

With the growing fame, he also has to deal with a lot of local guys trying to take advantage of his reputation, with many of them asking for selfies of the makeup sensation. James, very frank by nature, has recently tweeted on 21 September 2018, mentioning his inactive dating life,

“Since I don't have a boyfriend to get me flowers, I guess I just have to do it myself.”

Thus, the actor continually seems to fight off gold-diggers, especially after Forbes estimated Charles' net worth to be a whopping $2 million in 2017.

Feud With Former Mentor

Tati Westbrook was a motherly-figure and a mentor to James, who even helped him boost his YouTube career. Although James was a YouTuber long before he met Tati, it was his appearance on Tati's video, which made him known to a broader audience.

But, James went behind her back to promote Tati's rival company, Sugar Bears. In retreat, Tati shared a 43-minute-long video called BYE SISTER accusing James of betraying her. She even claimed that he often used his power and position to trick straight men into thinking they were gay.

A woman named Zara Larson also claimed that James had tried to flirt with her boyfriend and ask him out. Soon after, James released an apology video asking forgiveness from his mentor, but Tati seemed to have more effect on the internet community than him.

James lost nearly three million subscribers in a short span, which was a big blow to the uprising YouTuber. But, he released a second video and asked fans to judge the issue based on both sides. Meanwhile, Tati's subscribers' count had gone skyrocketing, which made viewers suspicious of her motives.

Zara also apologized publicly to James for making false accusations. With the issue now slowing down, James looks to be back on track, gaining some of his old followers.

However, it may take some time before the loss is fully compensated.