Proud Father Timothy Hutton Age 58 Busy History; Wife, Son - You Name It

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With a history packed with ex-lovers and ex-wives, Timothy Hutton has not stopped embracing his dating affairs. Even at the age of 58, the Ordinary people star has been active in hooking up with the most high-profile babes of Hollywood. After his two failed marriages, the actor has now been dating......who is 28 years younger than him.
Proud Father Timothy Hutton Age 58 Busy History; Wife, Son - You Name It

Most people are just busy, but some people devour their lives living their utmost best. At the age of 58, the Academy Winner Timothy Hutton has made it possible to live each day with something new that still makes every day of his 50’ exciting. New girl, sons, new TV series on air and a prodigious net worth that would give him all the luxuries he asked for.

This actor has played movies that made him walk down the red carpet of Oscar, dated the best Hollywood beauties and fathered his loving two sons; The question is what hasn’t Timothy Hutton not done?

With so much going on his life, this actor has a schedule that’s packed for more exhilaration on his way!

Father Of Two And Ex Of Many: Journey As Husband And Father 

The Haunting of Hill House star, with his beautiful blue piercing eyes, has made many Hollywood Babes fall head over heels for him. From Hollywood's best Angelina Jolie to Diane Lane, Mary Louise Parker, Sandra Bernhard, and Uma Thurman, this actor has dated all the exclusive beauties in the film industry.

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But amidst all hookups, the famous ‘Ordinary People’ star helplessly fell in love with the Academy Award Nominee Debra Winger, down the line and tied the knot in 1986.

The pair welcomed Timothy’s first son Noah Hutton in the year 1987 where the actor shifted his gears from an actor to a father. Timothy who fell in love with his son in the first look said Noah reminded him much of his own father Jim Hutton who was the Irish gay partner to the famous Freddie Mercury of the band Queen.

He loved his son so much, even considered him his happiness that was indeed made in heaven. After three and a half years of togetherness and fatherhood, the couples called it an end and headed down their individual paths with baby Noah on his momma side.

Timothy with wife Debra Winger, the pair has a 27-year-old son (Photo:

It was in 2000 when the Leverage TV star had welcomed his wedding bells for the second time after getting married to wife Aurore Giscard d’Estaing. The child book illustrator, Aurore gave Timothy his second son Milo Hutton before ending their marriage after sharing the love for 8 years.

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The Hollywood babe magnet then once again headed down singlehood and focused his time on movies and series.

Dating List Not Ending Sooner: Dating 26 Year Old Star

With a history of two failed marriages and an endless list of girls, Timothy Hutton has indeed proved himself to be an official chick magnet. The 58-year-old star after meeting Caitlin Gerard in Austin whilst shooting Pilots for new series has tried to hard to carry their relationship under wraps.

But after Daily Mail reported saying that the pairs are living together, the secret came to the public through an open door.

The 58-year-old actor taking a selfie alongside his new girl Caitlin (Photo:

Caitlin, who is 28 years junior to Timothy, has been dating the actor of quick sometime now. Timothy, who fell for Caitlin’s wacky sense of humor and her intellect, claimed her to be a lady with both beauty and brains.

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It was after the romance between the two had swirled that Timothy had asked the American Crime actress to move in with him in his new home in Austin along his eldest son.

After moving in together the pair can’t deny the fact that their relationship has been brilliant up to now with more great moments ahead of them.