Chris Rose Married, Family, Net Worth

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Chris Rose is married to his girlfriend for more than...most of the members from his family he grew up with no longer share...while also disclosing his height, he status at the impressive net worth of...
Chris Rose Married, Family, Net Worth

American sportscaster Chris Rose is well known for his affiliation with MLB Network and NFL Network as a sports commentator. But, his talent is not limited to human games as his commentary also extends to robots.

In 2015, he showcased his diverse skills through the show Battlebots as one of its announcers. The ABC show was based on the premise of remote-controlled robots fighting against each other.

Interestingly, the sportscaster even gave cameos in sports themes movies such as Mr 3000 and The Comebacks.

While his career seems to be a well established one, Chris had a tough run-in his personal life. But, he eventually managed to secure a lovely wife, who showered him with children and a family.

Married Life With Wife, Children

Chris is married to his wife, Michelle Marie Rose, for more than two decades. After dating a few years, the couple had tied the knot on 6th September 1997. Throughout the initial years of their marriage, the pair resided in Atlanta.

Post marriage, the couple was blessed with two wonderful boys. Chris' oldest son Josh Rose of age 18, is on his way to college in 2019; whereas, their 14-year-old son Brady Rose is in school.

Chris Rose's wife Michelle Marie Rose spends time with sons Josh & Brady Rose on Mother's Day on 12th May 2019 (Photo: Chris Rose's Instagram)

Throughout the host's life journey, he has remained very transparent about his family life. The sportscaster has cited appreciation for his wife and kids on various occasions through his Insta handle publicly. During his eldest son's birthday, Chris discussed Josh's height and wished him for his birthday.

We can’t wait to see where your journey takes you next. And remember, Mom & Dad will always be there when you need us (you’re never to old to lean on your parents). Keep doing your thing Josh. We love you to the top of your head and back (and at 6-foot 4, that’s a long way!)

In his own words, the sportscaster also revealed about his younger son's obsession with the hit game franchise, Fortnite.

Age, Family, Siblings

Chris was born on 27th January 1971 in Shaker Heights, Ohio. Sadly, most of the members from his family he grew up with no longer share their presence. His father Norton Rose lost his life in 2013; whereas, his older sister died two years later.

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Likewise, the TV icon's mother is also no longer alive today. Still, he has shared about the gap left by his dead family members and the good times he was unable to share with them.

The 48-year-old icon's sister Laurie was an extreme supporter of the team Cleveland Indians. As a result, his brother Bob Rose put an Indian cap in her basket during her funeral ceremony.

Net Worth Details

As of 2019, the sportscaster has landed his financial status at the impressive net worth of $3 million. Having hosted high ranking shows like The Best Damn Sports Show Period on Fox Sports Net and the NFL on Fox, his considerable income was imminent

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It's unknown if he took away any paycheck with his short appearances in the movies. But, if he did, the amount helped to boost his net worth one way or another.