Cindy Day: Neither Married nor Dating Someone, Dedicated to her Career? Husband and Boyfriend Rumors!

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Cindy Day: Neither Married nor Dating Someone, Dedicated to her Career? Husband and Boyfriend Rumors!

While going through celebrities and gathering information for their beloved fans, today we came across hot and sexy journalist Cindy Day, who is precisely known for her weather forecasting. But does anyone know about her love life or about her dating history or is she married to her profession just like Beatie EdneyKaren Finney, and Jessica Yelling?

So, today we are uncovering the story of this ravishing beauty and giving a treat to her fans by revealing if she has been in any relationship along with some career front details.

Neither Married nor Dating Someone:

Having her day started with the morning forecast at 5 AM, as Atlantic’s chief meteorologist on CTV News, she continues to look forward her entire day with ample of workloads in her hand.

She does not only take the weather coverage at 5 but also appears on CTV News at 6 and at the Late News at 11:30 pm.She is one kind of a woman who has kept herself busy throughout the day for the last 30 years on and off the camera.

After joining the CTV network in the year 2007, she has become an important asset to the network and has been providing service to the network not only on the screen but by also publishing weather blog, tweets along with weather facts in different social media.

Caption: Cindy Day forecasting news on CTV channel on 5th May 2016


Later, on she also published her book" Grandma Says - Weather Lore by Cindy Day" in the year 2012, which included her in the 2012 Globe and Mail year-end. Since then she started to boom her career by focusing and experimenting on her business career.

She started her own radio at Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec which provided weather forecasts, seasonal weather reports, climate data and radio reports. With so much of work in her hand as a writer, meteorologists, television host, radio show host she has really kept her busy all these years.

Thus, the sexy journalist even at the age of 49 years is reported to be single. She has kept her personal life quite secretive, therefore; no any news or rumors about her dating any man or women or her getting married or having any husband has hit the media.

As all these years she has kept herself busy and so into her career may be she had no time to get involved with any men or may be due to her high ambition she refrained herself from getting distracted from her career.With so much of achievements in her hand we can all say she has married and loved her profession more than any other men till date.

So, all her fan followers must wait patiently for the day when she announces the news of her being in a relationship or having a boyfriend or about getting married.

Her Controversy:

As published by buzz feed on 5th May 2016, the lady got into trouble while forecasting weather for CTV Atlantic evening where she suggested the viewers to not to make a call to their friends and relatives in Fort McMurray as they would brag the news about the heat.

The statement made by the forecaster led to tremendous criticism by the viewers, were plenty of fan followers criticized through tweets, post, and calls. The lady was also threatened to kill a 51-year-old Halifax man, Wade Christopher White and was also being harrassed by him.   

However, the intelligent lady took charge for the commotion caused and apologized to her viewers for the comment via a Facebook post. She has given a clear explanation about having insufficient information about the wildfire and has mentioned about giving thoughts and prayers to the families along with relatives residing in the west region of Canada. Thus, this shows her love and dedication towards the career.

Cindy Day's Short Bio:

Cindy Day was born on 20th March 1967, in Ontario Canada. She attended McGill University & Lakehead University where she studied meteorologist. She joined CFRA radio which gave her a break in her media career in which she hosted Ottawa Am. In 1990 she worked for Global Maritimes with Allan Rowe.

The meteorologist earns a salary on an average of $40.94 per hour and earns a likely income of $85,160.

However, her net worth has not been revealed yet. She resides in Dartmouth and is a big fan of Montreal Canadians.