Colion Noir Wife, Net Worth, Real Name, Family

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Colion Noir Wife, Net Worth, Real Name, Family

By far (National Rifle Association) NRA's most prominent black commentator, Colion Noir is an American lawyer-turned-civil rights activist. A champion of US' liberal gun rights policies, he gets best recognized as the host of the NRA TV web series NOIR.

The controversial Houston Texas-native shot to prominence around 2013 when he began appearing on NRA-sponsored videos. In 2014, his career trajectory reached new heights as he spoke at NRA's convention held in his hometown.

Because of his stance on US' second amendment, Colion faces backlash from all sectors of American community including his own. A stroll through his biography shall reveal more!

Colion Noir's Net Worth

Through persuasive pro-guns videos uploaded on his self-titled YouTube channel, Colion first caught the eye of lobbyists at NRA. Because he stood out like an oddball in the pro-arms lobbying realm dominated by white males, it didn't take much for people to notice him.

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The widespread notoriety, in turn, made him an easy target, especially among Black America. Disgruntled people of color even labeled him "Uncle Tom."

Colion, to his credit, remained undeterred with the backlash. While doing so, he amassed an incredible online following. On YouTube alone, over 873 million people subscribe to his channel. Meanwhile, almost half a million follow him on Instagram. Similarly, he boasts over 140 thousand followers count on Twitter.

Tapping into online popularity, the controversial civil rights' activist launched a successful hat collection. Add the revenue earned from the hat business with NRA money; there's little to no doubt that he collects the six-figure sum net worth.

Relationship: Married With Wife?

Per Colion's 2013 Facebook, he prefers not to share his business with family and friends out in public. Perhaps, the same applies to his relationships as well.

Although refraining from going into details about his dating life, the NRA TV personality occasionally takes to Twitter to drop random facts about his ex-girlfriends.

Colion Noir dropping random facts about his once-wife prospect (Photo:- Colion Noir's Instagram)

If one were to make a guess, it's likely that Colion's wife would share the same enthusiasm for guns as he does. Either that or his future wife needs to be a phenomenal actress to convince him into getting married.

Bio - Real Name, Family, Nationality & Ethnicity

Colion was born with the real name Collins Iyare Idehen Jr. in Huston, Texas on the 27th of November in 1983 into an immigrant family. Both of his biological parents - executive chef father and beautician turned registered nurse mother - were originally from Nigeria.

Given his family background, he probably identifies as a black man with Nigerian-American ethnicity. And, despite being eligible for a Nigerian passport, he holds American nationality.

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Raised in a single parent household spearheaded by his mom, Colion faced an estranged relationship with his dad for the majority of his early life. In his early 30s, he set the differences aside and reconciled with his father.

His Age, Education & Height

The 33-year-old NOIR host - who stands beyond the 5 feet and 7 inches (1.70 m) barricade by ease - boasts an impressive educational pedigree.

A holder of Political Science degree from the University of Houston, he also owns a J.D. degree from the Thurgood Marshall School of Law - a part of Texas Southern University.

It was during his years as a law student at Thurgood Marshall School of Law that Colion developed a passion for guns.