NRA's Wayne LaPierre Massive Net Worth & Salary! Married Life & Family - All Details

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Wayne has been longtime married to his wife .........His wife is ......native and currently serves as the..........Wayne has a bizarre relationship with his.....and even claims to be in love with......
NRA's Wayne LaPierre Massive Net Worth & Salary! Married Life & Family - All Details

Wayne LaPierre is the name who advocated for the support of gun possessions after the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings of 2012. The National Rifle Association (NRA) CEO, Wayne LaPierre became an instant spotlight for many due to his works post the shooting.

The married man, Wayne is further supported in his campaign for gun ownership rights by his wife. Wayne also has a second wife and shares his personal life with both of his wives. 

Well, let's figure out Wayne's married life! 

Got Married For The Second Time, First Wife Has No Problem

Wayne has been longtime married to his wife, Susan LaPierre; however, the exact date and location of their wedding have not been disclosed. His wife is a Wisconsin native and currently serves as the co-chairperson of NRA's Women's Leadership Forum.

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Susan, who is a vocal advocate of women's participation in NRA, is often criticised like her husband for her support of gun ownership. 

Wayne LaPierre attends an event with wife, Susan (Photo:

Susan was also appointed as the National Park Foundation's board member back in 2017 and will be serving in the position until 2023. 

Wayne and Susan reportedly have a loving relationship and even support each other in their respective careers. However, Susan isn't the only one in her husband's life. 

Wayne has a bizarre relationship with his AK-47 assault rifle and even claims to be in love with it. In 2013, he also went to great lengths to marry his longtime gun on Valentine's Day. The weird ceremony was witnessed by 25 of Wayne's collection of firearms, and about two hundred Congress members also attended the event.

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The multi-millionaire worth executive of NRA revealed in an interview that he first set his eyes on his AK-47 during a gun fair held at Alabama in 1991. 

Susan is yet to comment on the second marriage of her husband, but it seems she is okay with the husband's strange relationship with his gun as she has not already filed the suit of adultery against Wayne. 

Family Lineage, Parents Details

Born in New York as the son of Wayne Robert LaPierre, Sr. and Hazel Marie Gordon, Wayne Jr. spent most of his childhood in Roanoke, Virginia. During his childhood, Wayne's family main source of income was his father's salary, who worked as an for General Electric as an accountant. His paternal grandparents were New York residents, Raymond Homer LaPierre and Edith Matthews; whereas, his lineage can trace back to William LaPierre who happened to be his great-grandfather. 

Similarly, on his mother's side, Wayne is the grandson of Robert Gordon and Minnie Wiesenfort. His mother's family had migrated originally migrated from German. Due to which, Wayne has a bit of German blood flowing on his veins. 

Net Worth, Earns Salary In Million

The CEO of the National Rifle Association (NRA), Wayne was listed as one of the "100 Most Influential People in the World" in 2013. A born-leader, Wayne is often credited for turning NRA, which was a small organization, into the business giant that it is today. NRA currently has a revenue of nearly $340 million of which over $100 million contributed to the retirement account for the welfare of the employees. 

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Wayne, who is also the executive vice-president of NRA, earns a salary ranging from $985,000 to $1 million and an average bonus of $150,000 per year. In 2015, the 68-year-old gun expert became eligible to receive an amount of $3.7 million from his retirement fund which made his earning of that year above $5 million. Due to his service to the organization for over four decades, Wayne has been rewarded with a net worth of $10 million.