Connie Britton Age, Husband, Net Worth

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Connie Britton always wows her fans with her memorable roles onscreen...But the personal life of People Vs. OJ Simpson star-age...The marriage with her then-husband...Her acting jobs have helped her accumulate a net worth of...
Connie Britton Age, Husband, Net Worth

TV’s darling Connie Britton always wows her fans with her memorable roles onscreen. Her portrayal of a former reigning country star struggling to reinvent herself in Nashville struck a chord with the audience.

A four-time Emmy nominee, her immense success in professional life arouses curiosity if her personal life holds the same success or not. 

Details On Husband, Age, Family 

Connie first graced the screens in her breakout role in The Brothers McMullen in 1995. Even after her breakout role, she couldn’t emerge as a leading movies star. But, she got to earn name and fame from her television roles. 

Her first significant role in television was Friday Night Lights where she starred as the wife of a small-town coach. Then, she followed another memorable character in Nashville as a fading country star. She even sang for the role. Her singles from the show landed her in the top 50 charts of country music. 

Although successful in her professional life the People Vs. OJ Simpson star’s personal life is not as rosy as her Emmy-nominated status on Television.

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Previously, she was married to an investment banker, John Britton. The marriage with her then-husband lasted for four years(1991-1995). After her divorce at the age of 29, love became scarce in her life.

Only in 2009, Connie, age 51, got into a relationship with comedy writer, Jason Mantzoukas. Unfortunately, the courtship couldn’t last long.

Now, a change from her past failed relationships, Connie finally has a man in her life. The man that captured her heart is not her new boyfriend but her adopted son Eyob (nickname Yoby).

Connie Britton shares a snap of her son Eyob on occasion on Mother's day on 14th May 2018 (Photo: Connie's Instagram)

Motivated while working about a documentary on Ethiopian orphans, American Horror Story star couldn’t help but adopt little Eyob. A United Nation Ambassador, she is an example of strong women as she is raising her son alone.

Instead of waiting for the right man to come in her life, she took the matters into her hand and built her little family with a lovely son in it. No wonder fans love her both on-screen and off-screen. 

Her Net Worth Plus New Shows

Connie of height 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m) is a busy woman. Her stint in acting includes No Looking Back, Looking for Kitty, and Spin City. The acting job has helped her accumulate a net worth of $8 million. 

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After her departure from the much-loved role in Nashville, she returned to the screens with Dirty John. Although it debuted on Bravo in 2018, it landed on Netflix Canada in the third week of February 2019. 

It seems Connie is gifted in other departments other than the acting department, the other gift in question is her attributes that include her lustrous hair. Fans loved her hair so much that someone made a Twitter account named "conniebrittonshai" in honor of her beautiful hair.