'Young and The Restless' Corey Sligh Biography: Who Is Wife, What Is Net Worth?

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'Young and The Restless' Corey Sligh Biography: Who Is Wife, What Is Net Worth?

American actor Corey Sligh screwed it all real bad!

After his conviction of child abuse, not only is Corey's acting career jeopardized, but he may have also ruined his smooth running married life. Corey, a married man with a wife, has now nothing to do, but remain in prison until his sentencing completes and repent on his sins of the past.

The actor - who has been both the victim and the culprit - never thought twice before allegedly molesting not one but two minors, and now he must pay for his crimes!

Actor Molests Minor Child; Prison Sentence Inevitable

An aspiring actor, Corey Sligh found his fame playing as an extra on the CBS' The Young And The Restless. In the show, he appeared as a bartender and a waiter. Corey's biography suggests that he also starred on a short-run TV program called All About Lizzie.

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Corey Sligh on the sets of The Young And The Restless (Photo: TheHollywoodGossip.com)

His career was slowly taking off, and people all over were starting to recognize Corey's name & face when suddenly he got involved in a controversy.

In September 2016, the parents of a 10-year-old girl filed a report against Corey in Georgia accusing the actor of molesting the minor. The Georgia native got arrested the next month in October but was released with a bail of $22,000 the same day.

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But again, in November 2016, the actor got arrested for a second time by the law enforcement officials in Walton County, Florida, on the charge of forcing another young girl into inappropriately touching him during a vacation.

Corey was found guilty in the Georgia molestation case on 28 June 2018, but the Florida case against him is still going on. The Young And The Restless actor may face a prison sentence ranging from five to 20 years. 

Corey, now aged 31, could spend the rest of his youth in jail while putting aside his dreams to gather net worth of millions from his acting career. As bad as it may seem, Corey has not always been the culprit as he became a victim a few years ago: in an incident that brought his love life into the limelight.

Assault While With Girlfriend; Married Afterward?

Back in November 2014, on the Thanksgiving day, Corey was assaulted physically: hit by a car while walking through a parking lot. The actor was with his girlfriend, Alisa Berhorst when the incident took place. 

Reportedly, the car was speeding, and the couple asked the driver and his friend to slow down which enraged them. As Corey went near their car to console them, the suspect hit him with the car's door, and then by the car. Eventually, they got out of the vehicle and physically violated him.

Corey suffered multiple injuries along with a broken arm and was treated in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

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Well, the thing that should be noticed in the incident - aside from his injuries and pain - is that he had a girlfriend at the time. And, now Corey quotes himself to be married to his best friend via his Instagram account. The only question that ripples around the fact is: did he turn his then-girlfriend to his wife or did he find someone else to quote as his wife. 

While the identity of his wife remains a mystery, it came to light that his partner-in-crime is a passionate lady for fitness and music. No wonder, how she stole Corey's heart! 

Alas! The couple could have eventually started a family with kids of their own, but with Corey's prison sentence coming soon it seems like a far-fetched dream.