Darren Knight Gay, Married, Wife, Family

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Darren Knight Gay, Married, Wife, Family

Best recognized for her alter-ego Southern Mama, comedian Darren Knight first recieved his shot of fame via Facebook.

His very first video entitled "Southern Momma Picking the Kids up from School," made him an overnight sensation, generating millions in views on the very social media platform.

While Darren remains one of the top prospects in the comedic circuit, his conservative beliefs have given rise to a slew of detractors as well. Delve into the biography of the controversial comic to learn about his intimate life!

Bio Unveils Age & Family

Born on 14th March 1986, Darren grew up in the "Redneck State" of Alabama.

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A very private person, the Facebook star refrains from divulging information about his family. Whatever knowledge the fans possess about his family life is via his social media posts.

Darren Knight poses next to his mother for a photo circa March 2019 (Photo:- Darren Knight's Instagram)

That said, Darren - now age 33 - is vocal about his inspirations. His alter-ego Southern Mama is an unflattering caricature of his mother and his grandmother from his childhood memories.

Before his stand-up career, he worked at K Mart and Sears.

How Much Does Darren Knight Hold In Net Worth?

After going viral in 2015, the Alabama native cashed in on the new-found celebrity status and earned a fortune. 

On his Facebook bio, Darren proudly boasts his position as the "fastest growing comedian in American history" - a claim that only got solidified when Variety's listed him as its Top 10 Comic to Watch in 2018. 

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Now associated with the Bang Productions, the redneck comic fanbase has increased in tenfold over the years. On YouTube alone, he garners over 140 thousand subscribers.

Although actual figures on his fortune are not public knowledge, analysts argue that his net worth should touch the eight-figure mark. Off all the income sources, ticket sales from his tour dates remain the most significant. 

Is He A Closeted Gay?

Darren's stand-up routines - for the most part - aim for the lifestyle of the gay community.

A firm believer in America's Freedom of Speech act, the 33-year-old has yet to dial down on his anti-gay rhetorics. For him, laughs takes precedence over sexism and homophobia. He once claimed:-

"comedy isn't about sexism or race... it's about laughs."

Because of his blatant homophobia, detractors have argued that Darren is a closeted gay, disguising his love for men by suppressing it with hate. There remains very little to no evidence to those claims.

Married With Wife Or Dating Girlfriend?

If not gay, Darren surely must be a married man with a beautiful wife, no?

On the contrary, the controversial comic doesn't even seem to have a woman in his life to call a girlfriend. His Instagram feeds suggest that he couldn't be further from getting married.

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While Darren relishes his singlehood like a true champion, he still enjoys the perks of married life - despite not having a wife - by spending quality time with her nieces.