Jalen Hurts Career Drove His Girlfriend Apart?

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Jalen Hurts Career Drove His Girlfriend Apart?

Quarterback Jalen Hurts is an NFL player who used to play for the University of Alabama Crimson Tide. 

The player had faced many problems when he was a rookie in football. But his family, and especially his girlfriend, always supported him. When the University of Alabama Crimson Tide team didn't treat him well, his girlfriend was the most vocal about his ill-treatment by the squad he helped build.

Was her rhetorics enough to create friction between the two? Read along to find out more about his journey.

Jalen Hurts's Role At Crimson Tide Create Rift with His Girlfriend?

When Jalen joined the University of Alabama's college football program Crimson Tide as a freshman in 2016, he defied the odds by securing his spot in the squad as the team's first-choice quarterback.

He led the Crimson Tide to the 2016 National Championship but suffered a loss in the championship game to Clemson. In the following season, however, he eventually guided his team to the championship by defeating the University of Georgia in the title game.

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But little did he know that by his junior year, he would get relegated as a backup quarterback to Tua Tagovalia. Furthermore, Crimson Tide was pursuing yet-another quarterback Gardner Minshew to add to its squad.

Nobody seemed as frustrated with Crimson Tide's decision as his girlfriend and fellow University of Alabama Alum Bry Burrows. Jalen's girlfriend also stated that he would hand in a transfer notice if Jalen did not win his job back by spring.

But as fate would have it, the stated spring came and went, but the opposite of his girlfriend, Bry's suggestions happened as he stayed with the Crimson Tide. And what a decision it was!

After playing backup the whole season, Jalen went into the SEC title game and threw for 82 yards and a touchdown on 7-of-9 passing, rushing for 28 yards & the game-winning score on five carries.

As for the rumors which suggested that his decision not to leave the Crimson Tide created a rift between him and his girlfriend, there seems to be little to no validity to the claim.

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Jalen Hurts's girlfriend

Bry receives recognition from UA (Photo:- University of Alabama's Twitter)

Nevertheless, for his title-clinching performances in the final, the 2016 SEC Freshmen of the Year, he received a standing ovation from the University of Alabama students, parents, and teachers at graduation.

So now the real question is, after everything that went down, are Hurts and his girlfriend Bry together now?

Are Jalen Hurts And Bry Together?

Jalen and Bry were always supportive of each other. But sadly, they are no longer together. Unfortunately, there is very less information about why they broke up. But according to some reports, they only dated briefly and may have ended their relationship after Jalen moved out of the University of Alabama. 

The last interaction between them was when Bry was seen in Mercedes Benz Stadium in the game between Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons

The ex-boyfriend-and-girlfriend duo is now living separate lives. They both prioritize their career more, with Jalen's NFL career blooming and Bry succeeding in the IT industry. 

As the ex-couple are not living their separate lives, fans have been curious to know if Jalen is dating anyone at the moment?

Does Jalen Hurts Have a Girlfriend? 

Currently, Jalen is focusing on his NFL career and is reported to be single. Jalen's only known relationship was with his ex-girlfriend Bry Burrow. Apart from queries regarding his girlfriend and if he has a wife, another question that people are often curious about is whether Hurts has a child. 

Well! to answer that question, Hurts does not have a child, nor does he have a wife. 

Besides, Hurts's dating life, his career, on the other hand, is blooming, which has made him capable of helping people in need.  

He once visited a child named Erik, who was battling cancer, and offered to donate $30,000 for his treatment. Hurts also offered the patient's family to buy a new house. 

Because of his heartwarming gesture, we are convinced that he was brought up nicely by his parents to be a kind-hearted person.

Jalen Hurts's Parents

Jalen's father, Aversion Hurts Sr., was the head coach at the same school as Jalen went to, and his mother, Pamela Hurts, was a special math teacher in the Channelview ISD.

Jalen with his mother on her graduation day (Photo:- Jalen Hurt's Instagram)

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Jalen's parents, who hold American nationality, are all too familiar with supporting their children's endeavors. Back when Jalen - who is of African-American ethnicity - and his older brother Averuion Jr. were playing for two separate college football teams, they managed their time and never missed any of their son's games.

In the interview with CBS42, Jalen's parents stated that they had to split time in order to attend Jalen and his brother's games. One of them attended Jalen's game, and the other attended Averion's game. According to them, Jalen learned football from his older brother, Averion. Pamela also mentioned that she was very proud to see her sons play. 

Now, Jalen plays in the NFL, and Averion is a coach.

More about Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts, age 23, 6 foot 2 inches in height & over 200 pounds in weight, was also involved in powerlifting. After joining the NFL, he focused more on football.

According to the Eagles general manager, Howie Roseman, in NFL Scouting Combine, Jalen was the quarterback who led his team to the playoff. He added how Jalen is going to get better and will do everything possible to get better. 

Looking at Hurts's career, it is pretty evident that he is very dedicated to his football career. Because of his constant hard work, Jalen was selected for the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft by the Philadelphia Eagles. He signed a four-year contract of $6.025 million, which included $1.942 million as a signing bonus and a salary of $610,000 for his rookie season. 

In the video 'My First Million' by GQ, Jalan shared how he spends his money on charity. He also said he had hired a financial advisor to manage his money. 

Further, he also mentioned that he does not want a big house, which is why he brought a small apartment and drove a used car.  

The public criticized him for driving a used car. But he has been ignoring those comments as he doesn't want to misuse his money and is smartly using his money. 

Jalen is getting better day by day. Compared to other quarterbacks that played in the NFL, Jalen's 40-yard dash time in the 2020 NFL is 4.59 seconds, making him the 23rd fastest quarterback since 2000. According to Stathead, his timing is the same as the speed of former Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.

 With the improvement of Jalen's professional life, we are sure more successes are on his way. To know more about his successful life, stay with us!!