Dom Irrera & Word "Married" | Unknowingly Dating Someone's Wife & Family

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Veteran stand-up comedian Dom Irrera has had several long careers of performing comedy stand up specials internationally. He is married to ..... They have a family.....They got divorced on..... After divorce, he shared the intimate relationship with ........ She left him and went to ........
Dom Irrera & Word "Married" | Unknowingly Dating Someone's Wife & Family

Veteran stand-up comedian Dom Irrera has had several long careers of performing comedy stand up specials internationally. He has also appeared as the special guest on the series, Unmasked and other talk shows including, Letterman, The View, The Tonight Show, and The Daily Show.

With his legendary comic acts, the comedian, 69 years of age, found different partners in his journey. Also, he had a tragic moment when his girlfriend left him and went to the farthest destination she could have.

Best Friend Turns Into Wife; Married Ends But Friendship Stays

Once a married man, Dom Irrera has been into many relationships after he ended his married life with his actress-wife, Lisa Mende. Before getting into the marital relationship, they were best friends first. And the former couple kept their marital bond unknown to all.

Though he talked about his former wife in an interview and during his public appearance, he never detailed his married life. Also, he has never uttered the word about the duration of his married life. 

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The former couple also appeared in the same movie called Hollywood Shuffle back in 1987. The couple seems to have known each other through their journey as the standup comedian. 

Dom Irrera with ex-wife Lisa Mende (Photo:

However, even after the divorce, the former couple shares a deep bond with their profession as his ex-wife, Lisa did the opening in his act in back in the year 2009. Not only this, but Seinfeld star also publicised her former husband's show on November 2015. Also explaining Dom's effortless delivery, beautiful jokes and gushed that when he is on the stage, he performs as he owns it.

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Dom, who is based in L.A., still shares the beautiful bond with her ex-wife; a bond of friendship which did not break even though they don't share any romantic bond.

Split With Girlfriend: Dating Other's Wife

Since he ended the romance with the former wife, he started the romantic life with a then full-time student, Sophie Perreault after meeting in one of his regular stints at Montreal's Just for Laughs festival. 

Also, the couple who had decades of age gap had a more than a decade of relationship. Also, Dom regards her as his wife; in one of Dom's 2003 CD Dom Irrera: Greatest Hits, Volume One, he has called Sophie as his wife. In response to Dom's act, she replied that he’s like a dirty old uncle.

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Though the couple stayed in the relationship for more than ten years, in 2008, Dom came with the conclusion that the couple is no more together. But still, at that time, he was lurking for her. 

Dom, who was born to the Italian-American family, claimed to Press Reader in 2008 that along with Christmas, Valentine's day is the hardest days of the year for him as he was away from the love of his life. The former bartender, Sophie moved to Vietnam with her new boyfriend. He claimed:

"To show how much she really wanted to break up with me, she has since moved to Vietnam. With her new boyfriend and their son. I figured out Vietnam is about the farthest she can be away from me."

So, when he was asked what really happened between them. He replied that he made a big mistake and also interrelated the married talks in between.

I should have married her, but I'm an asshole and did not bring her on the road. Should have.Would have eliminated problems."

Following his breakup with Sophie, he shared a short-term relationship with another anonymous woman. Unfortunately, the relationship did not work out as she already had a family of husband and two kids. Then, he realized Sophie was just a perfect girl for him, which he blew up. 

Since it has been about a decade that Dom and Sophie have broken up, he still misses her. He took to Twitter on March 2017 with the memory of Sophie, writing:

Dom Irrera tweets pictures with Sophie on 2017 (Photo: Dom Irrera's Twitter)

Well, Dom seems to have wished to start a beautiful family with Sophie, whom he still misses a lot. Though Sophie moved on with boyfriend, Dom still appeared to be lurking with Sophie's memory.