Domenick Lombardozzi Reveals How Exactly Married Life With Wife Is

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Domenick Lombardozzi Reveals How Exactly Married Life With Wife Is

American actor Domenick Lombardozzi, age 42, is one of those faces one might not recognize immediately, but a peek at his acting credits on movies, and TV shows will indeed help refresh memories.

A victim of Hollywood's tendency to typecast certain actors, the Bronx New York-native uses his swell weight and height to great effect while in front of the camera. His dedication to perfect his craft birthed some of the greatest on-screen personas in the history of TV: Herc on The Wire, Ralph Capone on Boardwalk Empire and Dom on Entourage, to name a few.

That said, Domenick's filmography does get revisited time and again. His personal life, on the other hand, not so much. Read along to find out if he's married to a wife or still dating a girlfriend. Also, let's look into the gay rumors surrounding his role he did 20 years ago.

Married With Wife Or Dating Girlfriend?; Truth Behind Gay Rumors

Domenick, in films and TV shows, often portrays a character, who isn't necessarily most faithful partner to his wife or girlfriend. Surely, he isn't the same guy in real life.

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Well, as much as his fans would like to believe the same, there's no telling if he is indeed a faithful man to his spouses/significant other. The truth of the matter is the Wire actor is yet to come forth with details of his married life -- assuming if he even has one.

If one were to go by his reply to a 2016 tweet by a fan, who was reacting to his Rosewood character not being captain, the 42-year-old actor has multiple ex-wives. Does that mean he's in search of a girlfriend to add to the list?

Domenick Lombardozzi quotes Rodney Dangerfield while referencing his elusive married life (Photo:- Domenick Lombardozzi's Twitter)

Whatever the case may be, but one thing is for sure: Domenick is not gay. The rumors of him being a closeted gay stems for his role as Joey Chips in the 1997 film Kiss Me, Guido.

Although he recieved praise for his performance from the critics and fans alike, the film, however, didn't fare well in the box office.

Net Worth From Movies & TV Shows; Height & Weight Revealed

Four years earlier, Domenick announced his arrival in the world of acting by appearing in the 1993 film called A Bronx Tale. Interesting enough, it was legendary actor Robert DeNiro, who gave him a break in the movie.

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Since his debut, the 42-year-old has amassed acting credits in over a dozen movies including The Yards(2000), S.W.A.T(2003), Phone Booth(2003), Find Me Guilty(2006), Public Enemies(2009), and Bridge of Spies(2015). However, it is in the television realm that he genuinely found his foothold.

Herc (played by Domenick Lombardozzi) (left) confronts Poot (Tray Chaney) in an episode of The Wire (Photo:-

Using his daunting physique - height & weight of five feet and ten inches (178 cm) & a little under 190 pounds respectively - and equally mesmerizing charisma, Domenick starred in over a dozen and a half TV shows including Oz(1998), Third Watch(2001), The Good Wife(2015), Magnum P.I.(2018) and Ray Donovan(2018) to name a few.

In return, his acting exploits earned him a fortune; the Bored to Death star boasts a reported net worth of more than $1 million.