Emily Skye Age 33 & Husband Like Figure's Baby Bliss, Getting Married Soon?

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Emily Skye Age 33 & Husband Like Figure's Baby Bliss, Getting Married Soon?

A fitness expert, Emily Skye is rightly regarded as an idol of health for she has been inspiring her over 2.4 million Instagram followers for good health. 

However, while the Australian health and fitness influencer is bringing all kinds of success home, there's need of balancing her love life too. Blessed with a husband-like figure, Emily also shares a baby with him.

Well, through her relationship official on Instagram, it seems that she currently shares a blissful family life of her own. 

Boyfriend Of Almost A Decade, Blessed With Baby

Emily Skye, who advocates for mental health awareness and healthy living, lives a blissful life with her other half. She has been involved in a loving relationship with her lover and shares almost a decade of romance.

Emily, age 33, is currently involved in a loving relationship with Declan Redmond, who works alongside his girlfriend Emily in directing their company, Emily Skye Fitness Pty Ltd. Emily and Declan have been together for almost a decade and still shares deep romance with each other.

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The pair began dating back on May 2009 and has been going strong since then. The pair had their ups and downs but went strong through it all. Emily regards her possible husband as her best friend and soul mate in one.

Well, despite their bicker they still share their precious moments. Recently the pair celebrated their nine years of anniversary which was marked by a post in Instagram by Emily. 

Adding to their romance, they have already been blessed with a baby girl. Emily, who has a massive net worth, previously revealed the news of her pregnancy through an Instagram post and went on with updating her followers throughout the pregnancy period.

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Finally, on 18 December, Emily, who stands at the height of 5 feet 7 inches, gave birth to her firstborn at her hometown of Gold Coast Queensland. Emily and Declan are proud parents of their first child Mia Elise Redmond.

Emily Skye with long-time boyfriend Declan Redmond and baby Mia. (Photo: Emily Skye's Instagram)

Well, Emily, who was open about her pregnancy before made sure to keep her followers updated with the birth of her baby girl. Well, Emily sure is open when it comes to her family life filled with love.

Getting Married?

Emily who has been sharing romance with Declan has been his other since the day they began dating. As far as the record goes they have been together for nine years and with many more years to come.

They even share a baby together but despite it, they haven't yet tied the marital bond. The couple has not exchanged the wedding vows and there as not been any news of upcoming ceremony.

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The pair has not made any statement relating to their marriage and seems like they would be dodging it off for a while now, but who knows Declan could just pop the question to Emily.

However, it seems like they currently enjoy their content family life with no plans of giving their relationship a title any time soon.