Faye Resnick's Marriage, Divorce, Husband Plus Gay Speculations

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Faye Resnick's Marriage, Divorce, Husband Plus Gay Speculations

The American television personality Faye Resnick is a multi-talented queen, from published author to fame from her marriages with her husband and wife.

The star's fandom is very curious about the star's personal life.

Starting with her married life,

Does Faye Resnick Have a Husband?

Married four times, Faye Resnick has not given up on love, no matter all the letdowns.

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On September 4, 1978, gorgeous Faye got married for the first time to her former husband, Rick Barnett.

As for her first marriage, the star decided to keep her relationship very low-key.

Moving on, their marital relationship ended with a divorce in 1979.

After her divorce, Faye decided to move to London to pursue a career in modeling.

When she was in London, Faye married her former spouse Fadi Halabi in 1984.

During the two years of the star's second relationship, Faye and her former wife had a beautiful daughter named Francesca Resnick.

Yes, a wife.

Even though the star has not tagged herself as gay or admitted liking women, the star still had a beautiful wife.

Adding on, the couple eventually decided separate in 1986.

Faye Resnick's daughter Francesca Resnick

Faye Resnick's daughter Francesca Resnick (source: Instagram)

In the year 1987, Faye decided to give a third shot at marriage and tied the knot with ex-husband Paul Resnick.

Her relationship with her former husband, Paul, lasted for almost four years. Then the former wife and husband got divorced in 1991.

So did the star get her happy ending in her married life?

Oh yes.

After almost two decades, she found love for the fourth time in the form of her fourth husband, Everett.

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In October 2015, Faye Resnick got married for the fourth time to her now husband.

In front of a small gathering at Kris Jenner‘s house, she exchanged vows with Everett Jack Jr, who is an attorney.

Her longtime friends Kyle Richards, Rick Hilton, Mauricio Umansky, and Kris Jenner attended the wedding.

Rick and Mauricio walked Faye down the aisle, whereas Kyle's daughter Portia was the flower girl.

Likewise, Kyle was a bridesmaid.

Faye Resnick with her husband, Everett Jack Jr.

Faye Resnick with her husband, Everett Jack Jr. (source:

Apart from the beautiful couple, there was one other thing that grabbed the public eye at the wedding.

The ceremony was officiated by one of Hollywood's very own and Faye's longtime friends Kris Jenner.

The involvement of multiple well-renowned actors made the wedding a grand event. The couple seems to be happily married ever since, going by their social media posts and public appearances.

Faye Denise Resnick's Rise to Fame

Born on July 3, 1957, with mixed ethnicity as one of four children to her parents, Faye Denise Resnick is an American interior designer, author, and television personality.

Going about her educational background, Denise studied law at a community college.

After all the questions regarding the star's fame in her late fifties,

The added popularity came for the author when she was involved in O. J. Simpson's ex-wife's murder trial.

As the star was a good friend to the late Nicole Brown Simpson.

During the murder trial, the star revealed many details about her relationship with her late best friend.

She stated how Faye was living with her late best friend Nicole at the Brentwood Condo after her divorce from O.J.

Four months after the star's good friend's murder, she decided to publish the book "Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted."

In the said book, there are many instances written,

Even personal ones, one of them states,

"Neither Nicole nor I were or ever could be gay. I respect those that chose to be gay. That’s their way of life, and I don’t question it. But it’s not for me."

It even consists of the parts where she talks about her rehab visits for drugs.

Well, truth be told, this is not the only reason the star is famous.

A good chunk of her fame started because of her amazing line of work.

Faye's Career and Net Worth

Resnick is well known for her appearance on the reality television series "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"( since 2010).

She has also been spotted in another TV series Keeping Up with the Kardashians (since 2015).

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However, Faye has always limited herself as a guest appearance on The Real Housewives.

Talking at the opening of Nassif MD & Associates Medical Spa in Beverly Hills in March 2018, Faye mentioned the reason behind why she will never appear on the show as a regular.

She stated,

"I'm too — I'm a different kind of girl. I surround myself with people that I really love. I'm not good at acting like I like somebody. I can't do that."

Moving on from her career as a professional actress Faye has excelled in her profession as an interior designer.

Faye mentioned,

"I like what I do, I like my business. Furniture doesn't talk back, doesn't stab you behind your back."

With an immense love for what she does, Faye has thus been able to gain massive success financially.

Her net worth is around $4 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Stay with us for more upcoming updates regarding the star and her career.