Gay TV Journalist Seamus O'Regan, Who Fought Alcoholism Revealed How His Husband Helped Him Overcome His Addiction

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Gay TV Journalist Seamus O'Regan, Who Fought Alcoholism Revealed How His Husband Helped Him Overcome His Addiction

Life is long, and you need a companion by your side to travel together through the hurdles that come in your journey. If you are going through a hard time, what is a point of having a partner if he is not with you to subtract your problems or at least have you go through them?

We must say an openly gay broadcast journalist from Newfoundland and Labrador; Seamus O'Regan is lucky enough who has a loving husband who stands by his side in his good and bad times. Do you know that Seamus and his husband together fought Seamus’s addiction to alcoholism?

Married Life - Supportive Gay Husband/Partner

O’Regan never allowed his sexual orientation affect his career and dreams no matter how hard it was to confess the truth. Though people around him took their time to comprehend him and his sentiments, he always tried to find a comfort zone when he was surrounded with reactions.

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Despite many ups and downs, he is now happily living with his partner Steve Doussis, a trainer of the hospitality kind, Food and Beverage Director at fogoislandinn, who has his name on Instagram as Stelios. Seamus later turned his partner into his husband after they exchanged their wedding vows back in July 2010.

The couple celebrated the 8th year of their married life this year while counting many more years to come. Seamus has remained open about his relationship with Steve as he often posts pictures of him, his husband and their two pets on the social media.

Seamus O'Regan revealing about his husband. (Photo: Seamus O'Regan's Twitter)

Steve has been a great motivator to Seamus and has been by his side in his bad and good times. Similarly, Seamus deserted his awful drinking habit for Steve and others.

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In his Facebook account four months ago, he said:

"Over the last year or two, alcohol was becoming a part of my daily life. I regularly had several drinks at the end of most days. Sometimes more than several drinks".

He announced that he entered a rehab program to undertake “an alcohol-free lifestyle” in December 1999.

“I was still working effectively and competently, but I realized, over time, that being competent was not good enough. I was far from my best self. And the simple truth is that I owe my best self to my marriage, to my family, to my friends, and to my constituents.”

Seamus is not only thanks to his husband but also to all the well-wishers who encouraged him to get back to normality.

Getting over from the alcoholic habit, Seams faced another health issue recently. In November 2017, he had emergency surgery of serious but non-life-threatening medical issue. 

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He has undergone surgery they very next day he visited the hospital after feeling unwell. With support from his husband and well-wishers, Seamus was back on his feet weeks after just as he recovered from the surgery.

Talented is also a Canadian member of parliament. His talent, dedication, and hard work have played a vital role in his success. A former co-host of “Canada AM” (2003-2011) alongside Beverly Thomson, Seamus was a correspondent with “CTV National News.”