Gay Supporter Malcolm Gladwell Has Wife Amid Girl Problem? Parents Details

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Malcolm Gladwell supports and stands up for...apart from his support he maintains...He had girlfriends...but now seems to be surrounded with... the only girl he mentions on his books is...
Gay Supporter Malcolm Gladwell Has Wife Amid Girl Problem? Parents Details

Malcolm Gladwell supports gay marriages and stands up for the gay rights in every way possible be it through writings or raising his voice for it. Malcolm, the English-born Canadian journalist, author, and a speaker is always in favor of gay marriages but when it comes to revealing his love life he prefers an utter silence.

While his books reveal most part of his life, all the examples that he cites in his writings include men. His reader hardly finds any mention of a woman in his writings which raises queries that if he is in the thick of girl problems. 

Well, read along as we provide you with insight on his personal life!

Fortifies Gay Marriages, Bound By Girl Problems?

The New Yorker essayist, Malcolm Gladwell has always been in a favor of gay marriages. While people from previous generations fear that legalizing gay marriages would teach the coming generation that homosexuality is a good thing, Malcolm believes that it is just a backlash of rights provided back in 70's.

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Malcolm Gladwell revealing his success secrets to David Remnick in The New Yorker. (Photo:

With an open mind and a hope for the future, Malcolm shows his utmost support for the legalized gay marriages. He stands up for the gay rights and speaks for it in every chance given.

Well, his support for gay romance can be witnessed but what about his own personal life? In that matter, he prefers to maintain the mystery. Even though some sources have reported that he has had girlfriends in the past, there has not been any known romantic relationship.

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Turns out he keeps a distance from girls for reason only he knows. He has not been witnessed with any woman but that is far for a concern. He does not even mention any woman in any of his best-selling books. 

Every example that he cites in the books relates to men. He writes only about men and calls it "culture" which in other words could be read as "men's culture."

Well, the only lady he has ever mentioned is his grandmother, to whom he dedicated his book. It an irony as his admirers are willing to know if he has a wife. But for him, his secrecy is much loveable than gushing about the relationship, unlike most celebrities.

Mixed Ethnicity Parents; Loss Of Father

Malcolm Gladwell, who is also a publisher of three best-selling, non-fiction books: The Tipping Point, Blink, and The Outliers, is known for revealing the reality concealed behind strange data. 

Born under the wings of mixed ethnicity parents, Malcolm covered news at the beginning of his career. His African-Jamaican monther and English-Irish father were his sources of support through his journey in his career as his dad was also an author.

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But just a year earlier, Malcolm lost his father to death. He grieved the loss of his one of the parents with great sorrow but he didn't let the heart-break bring him down as he still moves forward in his life to reach his goals.