Gaz Beadle Split With Pregnant Girlfriend Emma McVey? Just Dropped Relationship Bombshell On The Show

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Gaz Beadle Split With Pregnant Girlfriend Emma McVey? Just Dropped Relationship Bombshell On The Show The twenty-nine-year-old MTV reality series 'Geordie Shore' star Gary “Gaz” Beadle knows about this case very well as he ended his relationship with girlfriend of nine months Emma McVey. 
Gaz Beadle Split With Pregnant Girlfriend Emma McVey? Just Dropped Relationship Bombshell On The Show

You never know when and how will find your partner in this unpredictable life, but until that, one usually gets involved in different relationships in search for the right partner. 

The thirty-year-old MTV reality series 'Geordie Shore' star Gary “Gaz” Beadle knows this very well, as he too moved on from his relationship, ending his affair with his girlfriend of nine months, Emma McVey. 

Though they parted their ways in May 2017 after Gaz was alleged to be cheating Emma, they reconciled in June, and in August, they revealed the news about Emma’s pregnancy. However, Gaz recently dropped a relationship bombshell on the show Geordie Shore stating that he is single. Sounds confusing, right?

Gaz Beadle And Emma McVey’s Bemusing Relationship:

The handsome hunk Gaz started dating Emma since August 2016. The pair was spotted several times in public and were also pictured enjoying romantic dinner dates. Well, they weren’t shy at all to flaunt their love life on social media.

The couple, who didn’t miss to exhibit their love in the social networking sites, took their respective accounts to talk about their breakup.

Earlier this year in May, Emma took Twitter to reveal that Gaz was cheating on her and wasn’t faithful throughout their relationship. She further unveiled that Gaz dumped her by text and asked her to move out her stuff from their house without any explanation.

Emma McVey on Twitter revealing how Gaz dumped her after he was unfaithful throughout their relationship. (Photo Credit: The Sun)

Conversely, Gaz denied the accusations of his ex-girlfriend Emma, claiming that he was not a love rat. A source close to Gaz defended him by saying,

“The only thing he did wrong was dump her by text message. He had been loyal throughout their time together – it just wasn’t working out and he was away so was forced to end things on the phone. She isn’t being truthful with herself by trying to tell the world that he cheated.”

The pair again reconciled their relationship in June 2017 and just two months after that; they again took social media to reveal that Emma was pregnant with their first baby.

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Gaz shared a picture of a sonogram and cute little booties via Instagram which he captioned,

“I made this for you all to see the scan meet my little baby... it's crazy but I am soooooo excited #gazthedad”

Gaz also shared an adorable picture with Emma on Twitter and showed his excitement on becoming a dad soon as,

SO SO SO excited to eventually be able to tell you all this... I AM GOING TO BE A DAD... WE ARE HAVING A BABY 

Earlier in September 2017, Gaz poured his thoughts on his wedding with Emma and expressed that he would marry Emma when their child is old enough to attend their wedding ceremony. In a conversation with KIIS FM’s Kyle And Jackie O, Gaz said,

“I always said I wanted the baby one-and-a-half to two if you're going to get married, so it's old enough to be there.”

The couple didn't confirm the sex of the baby yet Gaz desired for a son and in an interview, he was also asked whether he wanted his child to be a flower girl where he replied ‘boy, boy, aye!’

He continued,

‘If I have a girl she’s not going on Ex on the Beach! It’s not a happy place and you know that.’

A couple of days after Gaz talked about his wedding plans, the fans got to know the shocking news about Gaz’s relationship with Emma in a spoiler clip in Geordie Shore.

In the video above, Gaz could be spotted saying that he had a bit of news and it’s been quite a hard decision. When all the squad member were curious and tensed thinking- 'what kind of news it is,' Gaz revealed that he was single.

Well, this announcement came as a sort of surprising news, when all the fans of Gaz and Emma were excited thinking about their baby and their marriage. The series was shot after Gaz and Emma split, but it aired when they had reconciled and were expecting their baby.

Emma later gave birth to a baby boy named Chester 16 January 2018 and it was reportedly a normal delivery with no complications.

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The child was in good health at the time of his birth but a few months later, he became ill with an undisclosed virus. Chester was immediately hospitalized after he started throwing up and rejecting breastfeeding, which caused him to become weaker thus ruining his physical health.

Gaz and Emma later found a pediatrician who helped Chester recover from the illness. Chester is now in perfect health and even celebrated his first birthday on 16 January 2019.

Gaz Beadle and girlfriend Emma McVey celebrate their son Chester's first birthday on 16 January 2019 (Photo: Gaz Beadle's Instagram) 

Gaz along with his family of three now lives in his lavish home in New Castle, England, where the couple has been taking good care of their child. 

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