Glenn Robinson III Dating, Family, College

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Glenn Robinson III Dating, Family, College

Born three months prematurely from his designated delivery date, it seemed as though Glenn Robinson III was in a hurry to get going and play basketball.

Even though he was born prematurely, the forward looked special from the time he stepped into the earth. Glenn quickly developed an interest in basketball and excelled in the sport because of his father’s guidelines and mentorship.

Soon he started playing school level basketball, and after winning major trophies in that level moved towards the world’s most celebrated basketball competition, the NBA.

Dating And Girlfriend Info

Glenn Robinson III has always found happiness supporting the children working in free youth camps and children's foundation. And, in 2018, his joy was doubled when he became a father to a daughter named Ariana.

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On the occasion of his third annual youth camp, the happy father announced the news and displayed his happiness. He did not talk about the mother of the child, and looking at his dating timeline, the small forward did not have any record of a girlfriend.

Glenn Robinson III with his daughter Ariana in August 2019 (Photo: Glenn Robinson III's Instagram)

Now, his fans are eager to know about the mother of the child and whether the player has a secret lover or not.

Parents & Height, Weight Detail

Glenn Robinson III was born in Indiana on 8 January 1994. His parents Shantelle Clay and Glenn Robinson, raised him with his younger brother Gelen in a family of four.

His father is a former basketball player, and growing up, Glenn was influenced by his father to take part in many basketball training camps. After that, he joined the Lake Central High School and won the Indiana Basketball News state MVP award in basketball.

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Completing a terrific high school season, the Golden State Warriors forward shifted to play for Michigan Wolverines college team for two years between 2012-14. During his stay there, the team was in its two-year winning streak.

Performing consistently in every match, the athlete made headlines more often than not. Keeping in mind his outstanding capabilities, he was drafted to play for Minnesota Timberwolves in the 2014 NBA Draft.

As in 2019, he was traded off to Golden State Warriors from Detroit Pistons. Apart from basketball, Glenn also loves his parents very much. In 2015, he gifted his mother a new Mercedes Benz and to date keeps on coming with new surprises for her.

Also, he is a great sibling and mentor to his younger brother, who is yet to make something of himself in his career. Lastly, talking about his measurements, Glenn stands at 6 feet 6 inches (1.98 m) and weighs in at 100.7 kgs.