Gok Wan Partner, Gay, Boyfriend, Net Worth

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Gok Wan Partner, Gay, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Confessing one's gay sexuality is not easy for anyone. When a person thinks of talking about his sexual preference, the only thing that strikes his mind will be the consequence of that action.

Many famous personalities have been abandoned by their family and friends after they managed to come forth with their gay identity. But, there are also some fortunate ones, who are accepted by the closest folks as well as the society.

How To Look Good Naked actor Gok Wan is one such figure who demonstrated such courage and is rewarded with acceptance.

How Did Gok Wan Confess His Gay Sexuality?

With some guts, Gok Wan came out as gay to his family at a young age. During a family dinner, he confessed to dating a guy to his parents and siblings. His father, although initially shocked, came to terms with Gok's gay sexuality the very night. 

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The fashion consultant talked of the experience during an interview with GQ Magazine in 2009,

"I was dating a guy, and I basically used him because I knew I'd have to take someone home eventually and thought I'd try it out with him.My sister and brother were there, we all sat down and it was just the most excruciating meal ever.”

Gok then added-

“My family is normally Shameless meets The Royle Family. But this night it was so weird. I had left home and no longer had a bedroom, so my dad left the table early, which he never did, and went into the living room and made a bed for the two of us with an open fire.It was extraordinary, his quiet way of showing his acceptance. The reason I've never told that story is that my dad and I have never discussed it.”

After Gok had confessed the truth and his father accepted his sexuality, he went to the bathroom and wept for hours.

Single or Has Partner?

Wan, who admitted to having slept with 21 and a half men along with a woman in the past, has been in a few relationships. Among them, he is famous for dating Holby City actor, David Ames.

Gok Wan and partner David at a party arranged by Diva magazine in August 2016 (Photo Credit: Dailymail)

It seems that Gok dated David sometime after 2014. In an interview with the Mirror back in 2014; he stated himself to have no boyfriend, so he had bought a new car for distraction. However, he was thinking about having a partner back then as Gok expressed pity for his future partner, while also calling himself "high maintenance."

"My life is so full on contradictions... I feel sorry for my future life partner... #highMaintenance"

Gok Wan and his partner David Ames were spotted on 25 March 2015 in London at the press night performance of 'Bad Jews.' According to Wan’s good friend Daniel Hughes, Gok and David were together and were even planning to settle down.

Gok's relationship with David apparently didn't last long as in 2018; he was reportedly single. In February 2018, David mentioned via a tweet that he wanted "the guy" from the Kingsman movie franchise. But, he didn't disclose the name of his crush.

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Similarly, on Valentine's Day 2019, he shared a picture alongside a guy but called him a friend. 

Gok Wan celebrates Valentine's Day 2019 with his "friend" (Photo:- Gok Wan's Instagram)

Celebrating Valentine's Day with a friend means Gok Wan had to be single at the time, but Angela Ray didn't agree with him on this one.

Angela mentioned via a tweet on 27 February 2019 that she met with the British author and his partner. If she's right, Gok indeed is in a relationship but, maybe he is not yet comfortable flaunting his partner openly. He simply ducks questions about dating. In fact, during an interview with Loose Women in October 2019, when asked about his desire for marriage, she answered,

"Yeah, I'm gonna have the biggest wedding you've ever seen in your entire life... Kate and Wills have not literally got a patch on me, I feel, whatsoever."

When further asked about who's the lucky one, his answer made the whole audience laugh. He gushed,

"I'm gonna marry myself.....by the time I'm 50, I've got literally five more years to go... everyone is invited....it's gonna be the biggest rave you've ever seen in your life.....it's gonna be absolutely incredible."

Well, we are all excited to know about every detail of the TV presenter's marriage ceremony. If we go by what he said, the wedding should happen within 3 years.

Weight Gain Problems

The fashion consultant revealed that he was suffering from gout after a weight gain in an interview with This Morning Today in September 2016. He explained that he had gout when he was forced to wear a slipper due to a swollen foot.

He said-

“I’ve got gout. I can’t believe it.As you can see here I am wearing on shoe and one slipper and before we went on air Phillip said to be me ‘why don’t you just wear two slippers’ and it’s because I’ve had a lot of co-codamol and I couldn’t make that decision. I am in a lot of pain.”

44-year-old Wan faced weight issues as a teen. During his teenage, he was called fat as he weighed 133 kg, 294 lb.

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Wan began his career in the year 1994, and since then he has received massive popularity as he has appeared in some television shows and magazines. No doubt, Wan receives an incredible salary from his profession, which is reflected through his net worth of around £1.5 million.