Hannah Alligood Bio, Age, Parents, Ethnicity

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Hannah Alligood Bio, Age, Parents, Ethnicity

Hannah Alligood, best known for her role as Frankie in FX series Better Things, epitomizes the term "child star." Widely recognized by her signature haircut, the Birmingham Alabama native has been lending her acting talents since she the age of 10.

Despite all the hype surrounding her movies, Hannah remains grounded as a person, sharing a close bond with her siblings & parents. Delve into her biography to learn intimate details about her personal life such as height, ethnicity and birthday!

Bio Unveils Parents, Siblings & Ethnicity

Hannah has figured it all out -- or so her bio suggests!

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Born in 2003, the child actress - who celebrates her birthday on 28th June every year - learned about aptitude for theatrics, often partaking in community-based platforms with an adult-like elation. Recognizing her knack for acting, the Better Things' actress' parents helped her land auditions.

As a 12-year-old she made her small screen debut in Sony PlayStation Network's series Power, before landing her first big-screen feature in the 2015 film "Paper Towns," portraying the child version of Cara Delevingne's character.

In 2016, Hannah - who holds American nationality - starred in two more movies: Allegiant and Miracles of Heaven. Later that year, she returned to the small screen, playing Frankie in the beloved comedy-drama show Better Things.

With every passing year, her repertoire as an actress continues to see new heights. However, the Out of Delivery actress - who identifies as belonging to Caucasian ethnicity - remains a mama and papa's little girl.

Hannah Alligood, age 15, and her mom pose for a mother-daughter photo circa 2016 (Photo:- Hannah Alligood's Instagram)

Also, she hasn't let the fame to stop her from enjoying the fruits of teenage bliss. She often professes amusement in trivial matters such as her 12-year-old sibling Avery's quirky manners as well as her reading habits and time as a high school student.

Essential Details - From Haircut To Height

Beyond her real-life family, Hannah's undeniable adorableness has made her a hit among the cast and crew of Better Things.

Her on-screen mother, Pamela Adlon in the FX series, in particular, seems to think very highly of her. So. close is the bond between the two that when Hannah's character needed a new haircut, Pamela recommended her hairstylist of more than 15 years to help with the process.

Hannah Alligood with her on-screen mother, Pamela Adlon, on the set of Better Things circa 2016 (Photo:- Hannah Alligood's Instagram)

Since cutting her hair short, the child actress' character Frankie has come of age and - according to her on-reel mom, Pamela - looked prettier than ever. Somehow, it seems to eloquently accentuate her five feet and one inch (155 cm) height mark.

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That said, once puberty kicks in, Hannah's short stature undoubtedly will see changes.