Pro Jockey Hayley Turner Is Married Or Casually Dating Boyfriend?

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English pro jockey, Hayley Turner is known as one of the most successful female jockeys in the world...she had a short fling with a fellow jockey who was a married man during the time of the affair...History of a longterm boyfriend...
Pro Jockey Hayley Turner Is Married Or Casually Dating Boyfriend?

Hayley Turner, a professional rider from England, is well-versed in flat racing. She is widely recognized as one of the world's finest successful female jockeys. With a victory streak of almost 800 races, she is widely regarded as a powerful figure in the sport.

Despite her public career and achievements, the 38-year-personal old's life, chiefly her love life, has remained a mystery. So naturally, her fans, like every other fan, want to know more about their favorite jockey's love side. It may come as a surprise, though, to learn that she has no desire to marry.

Her Past Relationships: Settling Down Is The Last Thing On Her Mind

Though there have been rumors that the skilled jockey is married, Turner refuted the speculations in 2011 by claiming that she has never been married.

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After losing her memory for two weeks due to a tumble, the Nottingham native told Racing UK magazine that her family tried to induce her to hitch.

Turner stated, in response to the rumors about her husband,

"They told me all this stuff which I believed, including that my husband was on his way over to see me. I've never been married!"

Even though the 35-year-old jockey has never had a long-term relationship, all are aware, though, that she had a short romance with fellow jockey Jamie Spencer, who was married at the time. Their unlawful affair prompted the latter's divorce from his prior wife, Emma Spencer.

The couple parted up soon after the romance between them was brought to light. The public was also aware that getting married and having children were not among jockey's top priorities.

Turner, who has never married, is notorious for making jokes about having sluggish children if she marries George Scott or finds a wealthy partner who will support her extravagant buying patterns.

She shared a photo with her friend Louise, who was going to get married in November 2012, and stated that she was standing as the bridesmaid.

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Hayley (left) along with other bridesmaids on the wedding of a friend, Louise (Photo: Hayley Turner's Twitter)

Likewise, Hayley used to fantasize about marrying British broadcaster and actor Bruce Forsyth. In reality, though, she is far from married and is fully focused on her professional job rather than tying herself down with a spouse and children.

Career As A Jockey: Suspension And Return

The female rider is widely regarded as one of the sport's most talented female jockeys, thanks to a family that has always encouraged her to follow the path as a jockey. Her first official race took place in Southwell on March 27, 2000; however, she could not cross the finish line after her horse suffered a leg fracture and resulted in death. On June 4, 2000, Hayley won her first race while riding Generate at Pontefract.

Hayley for Cheveral House Racehorse Rehoming  â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹(Photo: Hayley Turner/Instagram)

Turner retired from regular racing in 2015 after amassing over 800 victories and establishing herself as the most successful female racer in the United Kingdom. She presently works as an analyst for ITV.

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When it was discovered that she had gambled on horse races while still having a jockey license, she was suspended for three months in 2017. In addition, it was discovered that Hayley had formed an auctioneer with Paddy Power one month following her departure in December 2015.

However, she then reapplied for a license while continuing to gamble, which led to her revocation. Furthermore, she had also posted a profit of over £160 from the 164 bets she had cast.

Turner has chosen to come off the bench now that the probation period comes to an end. With a net worth of over $1.5 million, we hope she doesn't make the same mistake she did last time and destroy her career for a pittance of £160.