Iyanla Vanzant Says She Won't Get Married-Again! Because Of Past Tragedy With Husband And Children?

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Iyanla Vanzant Says She Won't Get Married-Again! Because Of Past Tragedy With Husband And Children?

Not every relationships and marriage are expected to be successful. As love is a roller-coaster ride, a person experiences different situations when they go through the experience.Celebrities are no different, as many celebrities are frustrated after a failed marriage, while there are some who live their life in a flow.

The former relationship specialist for The Oprah Show, Iyanla Vanzant, is also one of those celebrities who is living her life in a flow even after three failed marriages.

She revealed that she wouldn't be getting married again, but why is that so? Is it because of her past tragedy with husband and son? Or is it something else? Let's find out!

Iyanla’s Failed And Break Down Married Life!

Like Faye Resnick, John King, Joe Scarborough, and Liberal Daryn Kagan, American inspirational speaker and spiritual teacher Iyanla have been married multiple times.

Iyanla, who experienced hardship since she was born, married Kirk in the year 1971. This was her first marriage which couldn’t even last a year.

Iyanla then tied the knot for the second time with Charles Vanzant in 1973. Her relationship with her estranged husband Charles lasted for six years. She had a divorce with him in the year 1979.

Iyanla was then married to Adeyemi Bandele in the year 1997.  She got separated with him as well, as their relationship turned sour with time.

Talking about Iyanla’s children, she has two daughters, namely Gemmia Vanzant (born in 1972 but death in 2003), Nisa Vanzant (born in 1974) and a son named Damon  Vanzant (born in 1970).


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I Won’t Get Married Again- Iyanla Vanzant!

On March 2016, Iyanla Vanzant appeared on OWN’s “It’s Not You, It’s Men,” with Rev Run and Tyrese, where she revealed that she has no desire to get married again. Iyanala, who experienced failed marriage thrice said-

“Here’s the thing, relationships are not where we go to have fun. Relationships are where we go to heal and where we go to learn. And who you’re going to attract is the person that’s going to bring to the forefront the thing you need to learn or heal or the thing that’s going to help you grow the most.”

She continued-

“You know what? I would not be a great wife based on the definitions and the standards of today. I’m a great partner because I see my partner as my equal,”

Caption: Iyanla Vanzant she reveals that she don’t want to get married again on OWN’s “It’s Not You, It’s Men,” with Rev Run and Tyrese in March 2016

More About Iyanla Vanzant:

Iyanla Vanzant (birthday September 13, 1953, age 63) has been struggling since her young days. Born as Rhonda Eva Harris in the back of a cab, Iyanla survived rape at the age of nine.

One of the "100 most influential Black Americans" as per Ebony magazine in 2000, Iyanla is popular for her appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Iyanla: Fix My Life.

Being one of the very talented motivational speaker, spiritual teacher, life coach and author, Iyanla also provides inspirational quotes like,

“Everything that happens to you is a reflection of what you believe about yourself. We cannot outperform our level of self-esteem. We cannot draw to ourselves more than we think we are worth.”

On the way of inspiring and motivating people, Iyanla is surrounded by a lot of fans and followers. She also receives a wonderful salary from her profession which contributes to her net worth that is estimated to be $400 Thousand.

Talking about Iyanla’s education, she attended Medgar Evers College and Virginia Union University. She is also a lawyer, who graduated from City University of New York School of Law with a Juris Doctor degree.