Jacelyn Reeves Wiki: Former Flight Attendant Beau of Clint Eastwood, Got Married To Bell

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Jacelyn Reeves Wiki: Everything on Former Flight Attendant Beau of Clint Eastwood The lovely woman Jacelyn Reeves is known to the world for being a one-time darling of the American actor/ director/ and producer Clint Eastwood. As the time has changed, she is also known as the mother of popular children.
Jacelyn Reeves Wiki: Former Flight Attendant Beau of Clint Eastwood, Got Married To Bell

Jacelyn Reeves was a flight attendant by profession, but best known to the world for being a one-time darling of the American actor and producer, Clint Eastwood. 

Not only that, Jacelyn is also the mother of popular children. 

For all the curious fans who want to know more about the lady, we brought you everything there is to know about her. 

So, learn all about Jacelyn Reeves through her wiki-like bio!

Jacelyn Reeves' Personal Life:

Jacelyn Reeves (66) first met Clint Eastwood at the Hog's Breath Inn. Jacelyn was a flight attendant while Clint was in a married relationship with American actress, Sondra Locke. 

Clint was still living with Locke while having the affair with Jacelyn Reeves. 

Both Jacelyn and Clint's affair remained unreported until the Star published an expose article in 1990. 

Similarly, Sondra Locke also mentioned about Jacelyn and Clint's affair in her autobiography, 'The Good, the Bad, and the Very Ugly' published in 1997. 

Jacelyn Reeves and Clint Eastwood are parents to their children; Scott Eastwood and Katheryn Ann Eastwood (notjustrich)

During their affair, Reeves gave birth to a son, Scott Eastwood in March 1986 and daughter, Katheryn Ann Eastwood in February 1988. Despite sharing children together, the duos didn’t exchange wedding vows and got married.

They reportedly ended their relationship in 1990 leaving Jacelyn as a single mother for her kids. Later, the former flight attendant wrote  "Father declined." on both of her children's birth certificate.
After the separation with Clint, Jacelyn got married to Private Bell. But she kept her marriage low-profile, thus, her fans remained unknown regarding the nature of their relationship. 

Jacelyn Reeves' Wiki-Bio: All About Jacelyn Reeves

Jacelyn Reeves was born as Jacelyn Ann Reeves on 21st December 1951 in Seattle, Washington, United States. Jacelyn, who stands at the height of 5’5”, was a flight attendant in Washington.

Jacelyn is the mother of famous actor, Scott Eastwood, who made a special debut in "Flags of our Fathers" (2006) directed by Scott's dad, Clint Eastwood. Further, he also got the lead role in the film "The Longest Ride(2015)" an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks romance novel and appeared in the "Snowden" (2016) too.

Talking about the mother-son bond, the duo shares a beautiful bond with each other as per Jacelyn's son's birthday event. The duo celebrated Scott's 30th birthday together at San Diego Polo Club. 

Jacelyn Reeves and her son, Scott Eastwood celebrates Scott Eastwood's 30th Birthday at the San Diego Polo Club (pictures.zimbio)

Not only with his mother, but Scott shares a beautiful bond with his dad, Clint as well.

In an interview, Scott said that his father has helped him grow professionally in August 2016. Scott, who goes by his father's name professionally, gave credit to his dad, Clint Eastwood by saying, 


Additionally, Scoot also revealed that he had a hard time in his initial days in the acting world due to his father's image. In an interview with USMagazine on April 2017, he stated, 

“I came [to Hollywood] to try and do something, and nobody took me seriously. You’re Clint Eastwood’s son, you’re not a real f–king actor.’ Some people are still like that. I never thought I would last in this business, but it finally seems to be working out.”

In the same interview, he added that his dad made him work for everything and never gave money by saying,  

“My dad never gave me a cent. He made me work for everything. Man, he was hard on me, but it hardened me and gave me drive.”

Also, he went to the talk show called CONAN in April 2017 and mentioned the reason why his father, Clint won't cast him on his movies. Similarly, on March 2018 he talked about his dad, Cint Eastwood on one the show called, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where he stated how he used to lie about his dad's identity in his childhood days. 

Besides, Jacelyn's son also experienced the death of his then-girlfriend, Jewel Brangman due to defective airbags on 7 September 2014, which became one of the biggest wake-up calls for the automotive's defects in the history of America. He talked to his girlfriend's dad two years later in 2016 by making a call. 

Jacelyn's other child, Katheryn (daughter) is also in the run of making mama proud and lies not far from her brother. Jacelyn's both of her children are in the acting world as Katheryn is also an actress. 

The Miss Golden Globe winner, Katheryn is known for her performance as an actress in movies like 'Jersey Boys' (2014), 'House Slave' (2014), 'American Virus' (2015), and 'Thick Water' (2016). She attended the TV Special documentary of The 62nd Annual Golden Globe Awards in 2005.

In 2018, Katheryn is busy on her special project, a zombie horror film called 'Virus of the Dead,' Not only acting, Katheryn has also indulged in screenplay writing in the movie 'Virus of the Dead. ' Besides, Katheryn is also working on the project, 'Banned, Exploited & Blacklisted: The Underground Work of Controversial Filmmaker Shane Ryan' (2018) which films the segment of "The Making of American Virus."

Jacelyn, who is enjoying both her son and daughter success, enjoys the net worth of $3 million.