All About Jack Maynard: His Age, Birthday, Dating Affair with Girlfriend, Net Worth and Much More

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All About Jack Maynard: His Age, Birthday, Dating Affair with Girlfriend, Net Worth and Much More, Jack Maynard, a British YouTuber, has decided to give a pause to his web career as he has recently entered into the reality TV show 'I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here' this year. While the 22-year-aged YouTube Star, Jack, is trying his luck in the reality show these days, the eyes of people, which vividly includes his 1.2 million subscribers, are on him.
All About Jack Maynard: His Age, Birthday, Dating Affair with Girlfriend, Net Worth and Much More

Jack Maynard, a British YouTuber, seems to have decided to give a pause to his web career as he entered into the reality TV show 'I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here' this year but made a rather dramatic exist.

While the 22-year-aged YouTube Star Jack gave it a try on a reality show, he grabbed the eyes of several people, which definitely includes his 1.2 million channel subscribers.

Many more eyes are undoubtedly craving for the details of the star, especially the one who are the reality shows' fans and saw the youngster for the first time on their screen. Well, we have some good news for those who want to know Jack in person.

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Jack Maynard; Everything You Need To Cognize About The YouTuber:

Jack Maynard, who celebrates his birthday every year on November 23, was born in 1994, in Brighton, England to a couple; Helen Maynard (office worker) and Gary Maynard (builder). He was born as a second child of his parents, and his family further includes his older brother Conor Maynard and his younger sister Anna Maynard.

The famous Youtuber Jack is also a part of a band called 'GOAT,' which includes his singer brother Conor, and have sung about the dilemmas of wing-maning your mates and buying your first car together. He entered the reality show called I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here while he gained immense praise on the show but rather had dramatic exist.

Apparently, the adorable Youtube got kicked out of the show after he posted racist and homophobic which was later deleted. He later apologized for his misbehavior in a video.

Moving away from Jack's family and scandal to step into his love life, this famed guy, who has an approx height of 5 feet and 9 inches, does not give away much about his relationship status.

However, his relationship timeline reveals a different story regarding his love life. He had multiple dating affairs with his girlfriends in the past, mostly with his fellow YouTubers.

Jack first dated a lady named Erika in 2014 whom he had reportedly met at a public program. The duo's relationship was precisely just a fling as it quickly ended in a couple of months.

Jack dated Erika for few months in 2014 ( (eriikasworld))

Then it was a rumor relating him to his fellow YouTuber Pernille Burn towards the end of 2015, and he soon got linked with his another fellow named Lydia Connell in mid-2016.

At that time, Jack and Lydia had collaborated on a series of YouTube videos, which led people to think about the budding relationship between them. The ardent fans of the two had even coined a name 'Jydia' for them.

Jack Maynard and Lydia made a cute couple back in time (Published on Mar 28, 2016)

The Youtuber Jack was again linked up with another Youtuber Alexa Losey. The rumors between the two began to surface, as they often shared flirty behavior for a long time.

The list does not end there. He was again linked to Former Page 3 girl Danielle Sellers. They got to know each other through Jack Pop's older brother Conor. But that relationship did not make it through and rather took an ugly turn and he even made irrelavent and mean Tweets yet again

The two even talked to each other before he entered the reality show and got compeletly cutt off from the real world. 

His controversy does not end there. After he entered the show he was romantically linked with his I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here co-star  Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo. But that rumor did not get further confirmation.

Getting into the depth of the list, the one name Jack indeed wants to be listed is the name of the beautiful actress Jennifer Lawrence. He mentioned that earlier in his tweet last year.

For now, the relationship of Jack Maynard remains a mystery.

A Career That Gave Jack His Fame:

Jack Maynard was a personal trainer before he came into the limelight for his self-titled YouTube channel. Through the channel, he has been posting vlogs, challenges, and occasional comedy skit videos to entertain people resulting to a staggering 1.2 million subscribers for his channel.

This YouTuber also has an experience of being on a show, which indeed was much shorter than expected. Jack is now out of the show with the announcement made by Ant and Dec on Tuesday following the emergence of some damaging tweets.

Furthermore, Jack's spokesperson also released a statement that said:

"In the last few days Jack has been the subject of a succession of media stories which, given his position as a contestant on 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' - filmed in the Australian jungle, with no contact with the outside world, he has been unable to respond to. Since it is only fair that everyone should be aware of any allegations made against them and should also have the right to defend themselves, it was agreed that it would be better to bring him out of the show. Jack agrees with this decision which was made by his representatives and ITV and thanks everyone who has supported him in the show this far."

Apart from entertaining his fans, Jack, who has already accumulated a net worth of $50,000, also uses his channel to share his life events. In one of the Q&A video with his fans, he cleared one of his fans' chaos regarding his adoption and said that he wasn't an adopted child. In another video, he spoke about getting arrested as he had a wee in public on a statue.

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