Jenicka Lopez Age 21 Weight Loss Talks | Net Worth, Height & More

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Jenicka Lopez Age 21 Weight Loss Talks | Net Worth, Height & More

Jenicka Lopez, the youngest daughter of late singer Jenni Rivera, is a star in her rights. Best known for appearing on the reality series I Love Jenni & the spin-off show, The Riveras, the reality star has an impressive following on Instagram to show for it.

Not only is the social media platform her favorite medium to chronicle her weight loss experience, but also a way to grow her burgeoning net worth. Read along to learn more of her income including dating status!

Uses Weight Loss Ads To Accumulate Net Worth

Ever since her rise to fame following the reality TV debut in 2011, Jenicka, age 21, has had quite a career as a socialite.

Her influencer status gets reflected on Instagram, having amassed over 600 thousand followers on it. On the bio section of her Insta account, she proudly claims the title of a "content creator."

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In truth, she's much more than that. A chubby kid since an early age, Jenicka - who possesses average feet size - is an advocate for a healthy lifestyle and not the watered-down weight loss diets & plans.

Across all social media platforms, she encourages her fans to practice a healthy living as opposed to focusing on losing weight. Echoing the similar sentiments on Facebook, the reality star - who celebrates her birthday on 3rd October - once wrote:-

"And I am even down a few lbs. I am not on some crazy weight loss journey, I do love my body, but I am working on a healthier lifestyle... "

Jenicka chronicles her weight loss journey in an upload disguised as an ad (Photo:- Jenicka Lopez's Facebook)

The post, which served as PSA-style self-proclamation doubled as an advertisement for the "Teami Tea Blends," a brand of tea meant for weight loss. Promotional props such as these are crucial to her burgeoning net worth, a sum likely to surpass the six-figure mark.

Parents' Troubled Relationship; Boyfriend In The Picture?

No matter the height of her international superstardom, the public will acknowledge her as Jenni Rivera's youngest daughter.

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As controversial her mother was, her father Juan Lopez Pardo was even more troublesome. In a sense, her parents were a match made in heaven. Two years and a six-month prison bid (father found guilty of illegally crossing immigrants from Mexico to the United States) after, they got married.

A snap of Jenicka's parents from back in the day (Photo:- Jenni Rivera's Instagram)

Her parents, however, parted ways in 2002, a year after welcoming a son named Jhonny Angel into their lives. The ending of her parents' relationship couldn't have been more tragic when her mom passed away in 2012.

Perhaps, her parents' tumultuous relationship is the reason why Jenicka shies away from delving into the topics of dating on her YouTube videos or at times blatantly asserts disinterest in dating altogether. She once tweeted:-

"I ain't about that find a boyfriend on social media-ish... "

The said tweet dates back 2014. A lot can change in five years, no?