Who Is JonTron Wife? His Married Life, Net Worth, Real Name

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JonTron lives a married life with longtime girlfriend...Talking about his wife, she is a jewelry...verified track of his finances since his net worth is...Talking about his height, he stands...While the YouTuber is mostly known as JonTron, his real name is actually
Who Is JonTron Wife? His Married Life, Net Worth, Real Name

American YouTuber JonTron is famously known for his comedic videos featuring reviews of video games and movies. As a result, his talent has garnered him a massive subscriber count of more than five million.

Apart from running his viral channel, he also co-created the Let's Play web series Game Grumps (2012). Likewise, he also co-founded Normal Boots, a video game entertainment website.

Who Is JonTron's Wife?

The YouTuber is married to longtime girlfriend Charolette Jafari since 23rd October 2019. While JonTron didn't disclose many details on his wedding, he did share pics from his auspicious day on his Instagram.

JonTron and wife Charolette Jafari cut their wedding cake on 23rd October 2019 (Photo: Charolette Jafari's Instagram)

Judging by the pictures, the pair shared the first dance as a couple among their close ones and guests.

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Talking about his wife, she is a jewelry designer based in New York. Also, his partner has worked as a script supervisor and production designer in JonTron's self-titled TV series since 2018.

Net Worth, Merch

It seems that the internet icon hasn't kept a verified track of his finances since his net worth is still a mystery today. However, it's apparent that he earns in large figures from his internet fame.

His YouTube channel JonTronShow remains his prized possession. After all, as per social blade, his yearly earning from his channel is $790 thousand. Moreover, he has successfully monetized his fame through his clothing line ventures as well.

Through the e-commerce site, he sells varieties of apparel such as t-shirts, hoodies, and mugs as well. A hoodie with his name tag on can be picked up for $43 by the buyers.

Facts About JonTron Including Age :

  • While the YouTuber is mostly known as JonTron, his real name is actually Jonathan Aryan Jafari.
  • Jonathan's date of birth as per legal records is 24th March 1980. Likewise, his birthplace is Los Angeles, California.
  • Talking about his height, he stands 5 feet & 10 inches (1.78 meters) tall.

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  • JonTron's possess's mixed ethnicity as his mother is of Hungarian descent whereas his father's roots lie in modern Persia.
  • Charolette was first featured on JonTron's Insta post on 13th December 2018.