Joseph Mazzello Talks On Girlfriend; Does That Mean He's Dating?

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American actor Joseph Mazzello was dating the girlfriend.... But the dating life could not last long as he was cheated on. Though he has revealed his dating life, he shed the light on his married life. He revealed that he wants his wedding ceremony on the.....
Joseph Mazzello Talks On Girlfriend; Does That Mean He's Dating?

American actor Joseph Mazzello, who is better known as Joe Mazzello, is on the rise of his career with his role in the movie Jurassic Park.

He got into the more limelight after he landed the gay role on the most awaited movie, Bohemian Rhapsody. This movie not only turned his career but also turns out to be lucky as his father was able to move his paralyzed left hand after knowing that his son had landed the role.

Similarly, with his gay portrayal in the movie, he is not gay in the real life, instead once cherished the dating life until his girlfriend turned to be foe.

Girlfriend Cheated; Wants To Get Married On Moon

American actor, Joseph Mazzello said 'No' to the dating life after he encountered the betrayal and was cheated on!

His highlighted dating life dated back to 2013 after he shared the picture with his girlfriend and DP on Twitter back in October 2013.

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Joe Mazzello with his girlfriend in October 2013 (Photo: Joe Mazzello's Twitter)

Similarly, Joe took to Twitter back in April 2014 wishing the happiest birthday of his girlfriend. Similarly, the actor seemed to be content with his girlfriend that he decided to share locations with his girlfriend on iMessage.

However, though he seemed to have fully pledged his life to his girlfriend, his dating life could not last long as he found out that his girlfriend was cheating on her with their mutual friend for over a year.

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Well, with the two years long dating life, he might have foreseen his future with her but his dream was scattered in a second after he found out that she was not loyal to him. 

After being betrayed in the dating life, he was not engaged in any relationship, but he indeed gushed about his wedding day in May 2017. He wants to get married on the moon and it seems he wants his wedding ceremony to be very private as he prefers to inconvenience everyone.

Joe Mazzello wants to get married on the moon (Photo: Joe Mazzello's Twitter)

Since it's been a year that he has gushed about getting married, but till today he has not made any announcement or hinted on getting married. 

Gay Role In Bohemian Rhapsody; Father Supported

With his past relationship with his girlfriend, the dashing actor, whose fans are dying to see him shirtless, is away from the gay controversial things.

But he portrays one of the gay band members of the popular band Queen in the movie, Bohemian Rhapsody.  When he first found out about landing the role in the movie, his father was happier than he was. Though his father was struck with cancer at that time that broke his left shoulder.

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Joe Mazzello announced his upcoming movie (Photo: Joe Mazzello's Instagram) 

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Bohemian Rhapsody depicts the extraordinary music and the journey of the band's lead singer Freddie Mercury which is produced by Graham King, starring Rami Malek as Freddie, Lucy Boynton as Freddie's longtime companion Mary Austin, Ben Hardy as Roger Taylor, Gwilym Lee as Brian May and Joseph Mazzello as John Deacon.

The movie is soon to be hit on the cinemas from 24 October 2018 and it indeed is the most awaited movie for all the Queen's fan out there in the world.