Julia Galef Husband, Family, Net Worth

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Julia Galef Husband, Family, Net Worth

Julia Galef is a writer-speaker who works on improving human judgments. In the course of her job, she has been associated with Update Project- an organization which helps the decision makers of the world.

Also, she has also written a book for Portfolio/Penguin Books on improving one’s judgment. Her various endeavors don’t end there as she runs a bi-weekly podcast; Rationally Speaking Podcast.

Julia’s Bio

Julia was born on 4th July 1983 in a family of economists. Thus, it was no surprise that she was a studious child. The American writer excelled at the International Baccalaureate program in Maryland High School and went on to score 1600 on the SAT.

Well, she continued her education at the Ivy League University, Columbia and studied Statistics. Post graduation, she worked under several professors of social science, and also worked as a case writer at Harvard Business School.

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After gaining knowledge and experience, she moved to New York and started working as a freelance writer for several publications like Slate, Scientific American, Metropolis, and Popular Science.

Besides her prominent work with Update Project, she is also the co-founder of The Center For Applied Rationality - a non-profit organization which specializes in self-help.

Julia makes a good living with her various endeavors. As a speaker, she earns $48,180 per year, while her writer’s salary is an average of $49,005 per year. Besides she runs the YouTube channel titled Julia Galef which helps her earn $515 - $8.2K per year and add to her net worth.

Is Julia Married?

The American author-speaker's personal life is a topic of interest for a lot of people. Although entirely private about her own life, Julia does mention her beau, Luke Muehlhauser time and again in her social media.

Julia Galef's boyfriend Luke Muehlhauser goofs around on 18 November 2017 ( Photo: Julia Galef's Twitter)

While she has been in a steady relationship with the young man, the couple are yet to get married. But, judging via her banter about him on social media, people guess that Luke, height over 6 feet 5 inches, is her possible husband.

On 24th June 2018, Julia baked the cutest cake for her boyfriend's birthday and flaunted on Twitter.

Talking about her beau's profession, he is the research analyst at Open Philanthropy Project since June 2015 and former executive of Machine Intelligence Research Institute.

Julia’s Family

Julia comes from a family of four, including a younger brother, Jesse Galef. Like her, Jesse is an Ivy league graduate from Columbia University. He completed his Master's degree in Data Science from the esteemed institution in 2019.

The siblings are quite tight as they run a blog together titled measureofdoubt.com focusing on topics like rationality, science, and philosophy.

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Julia’s parents couldn’t be prouder of both their offsprings, who are both now Columbia University graduates. Well, the siblings get the intelligence from their economist parents as both of them don’t seem to slow down even after retirement.

The author’s father, Barry Galef, was running his 1st solo art show in 2017. Julia's mom Ellen Post, on the other hand, contributes to society via writing.