Bobby Flay's Ex-Wife Kate Connelly Wiki, Divorce & Essential Details!

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Kate Connelly, ex-wife of celebrity chef Bobby Flay was a...before he met Bobby. the couple got married in... and were involved in a relationship lasting...years. they also have a ...year old daughter named.. at present, Kate is involved in...
Bobby Flay's Ex-Wife Kate Connelly Wiki, Divorce & Essential Details!

Tag of a celebrity wife is heavier than one thinks of especially when you don't belong to the world of glamour! 

Mix divorce to the story, it's even harder. However, Kate Connelly has managed to get out from the tagline of "Bobby Flay’s ex-wife" and has successfully managed to make a name of her own.

Kate Connelly, born in 1964, became a household name after she got married to celebrity chef Bobby Flay. However, Kate has managed to grab holds of her career and has been a successful television personality after hosting several shows.

Divorce hasn't torn apart Kate to pieces. Instead, the strong and independent, Kate is finding success whether it's being a perfect mother for her daughter or a successful entrepreneur. Meanwhile, her ex-husband Bobby continues to add a series of names in his dating list!

Bobby Flay’s Ex-Wife’s Wiki

The bio of the former wife of Bobby Flay reveals her birthplace as the USA in 1964. A graduate from ST. Michael college, Kate had early ambitions of becoming a model. However, she did an actress and was involved in movies such as Blaze alongside Chris Hemsworth.

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Connelly, a mother of an eight-year-old son from her first marriage, came into the limelight only after she started going out with the celebrity chef, Bobby Flay. Before meeting him, Kate was working at a Food Network Talk Show. It was in fact in this very show, the duo met each other for the first time after Bobby had guest starred in Kate’s show in January 1994.

Bobby, already divorced with his then ex-wife Debra Ponzek, knew his way around women. In an interview given to Famousfix in 1995, Connelly talks about her first date with Bobby.

“I got home four and a half hours later. I’ve never had such a good time in my life on a date, ever, ever, ever. I don’t remember what I ate. There was always something to talk about. He was funny. It was the easiest thing in the world.”

The couple, after going out for a year or so, got married to each other on 1 October 1995. They soon had a daughter added to their marriage in the form of Sophie, born on April 16, 1996.

Kate Connelly with ex-husband Bobby Flay and daughter Sophie. (Photo:

However, happiness soon cut short after three years of marriage for the couple, as they were involved in a divorce in 1998. The couple then shared the custody of their daughter Sophie.

Ex-husband Dated Actress After Divorce? Where are they now?

After their divorce finalized in 1998, Bobby has had numerous other affairs including a ten years marriage with actress Stephanie March in 2005. The couple separated in 2015 following accusations of Bobby having an extra-marital relationship with his assistant.

He is currently said to be involved in a romantic relationship with actress girlfriend, Helene Yorke. Kate, however, has maintained a very low-key personal life with not much information regarding her dating life after her divorce with Bobby.

Kate currently divides her time in being a devoted mother to her recently graduated daughter Sophie and managing some of the restaurants she owns.

Kate Connely's daughter Sophie (center) with father Bobby Flay after her graduation on 13 May 2018. (Photo: soophly'Instagram)

Her daughter seems to be making Kate proud as she has accomplished several achievements at a young age of 22, after going to the Rio Olympics 2016 as an NBC intern.

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So, despite the struggle of having to cope with two failed marriage, a responsibility to raise a son and a daughter, and a mission to make a name for herself, Kate Connelly continues to excel in her personal and professional life. With her current restaurant business, Kate has managed to grasp a net worth of estimated $2.3million.