Katy Brand Husband, Baby, Parents

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Katy Brand Husband, Baby, Parents

British TV show host Katy Brand hugs the limelight with brilliant presenting skills and acting talent.

Known for performances in Katy Brand's Big Ass ShowNanny McPhee and the Big Bang, and Strictly Come Dancing, Katy leads a successful career in the showbiz.

Married Long-Time Fiance, Wedding

Katy - who often kept a low profile when the matter came to her life beyond the camera - first spoke on her dating relationship in 2010. 

While attending Something For The Weekend, she told host Tim Lovejoy of her engagement status. Katy revealed that she was engaged to her fiance but, kept the identity of her partner a secret. She also mentioned her wonderful romance with her boyfriend and stated that the lovers would often exchange gifts to keep the sparks alive.

She even confessed in the show that her partner would bring her tea to bed and also prepared meals. Katy wasn't about to let go of such a loving boyfriend. 

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By 2014, the Big Ass Show star was married to her longtime boyfriend-turned-fiance. Although the wedding was kept a private affair by both the bride and groom, Katy finally spoke about her married life stating she would rather not discuss her personal life in public.

"I’m married, and have a labrador Billie, but I’m private about it."

Katy often posts tweets about her married life, but her husband's identity remains a mystery. Meanwhile, the couple has not been reported to parent a baby but, the time when the loved up pair identify themselves as proud parents may soon come.

Non-Religious Parents & Age

Katy Brand was born on 13 January 1979 in England. Growing up in Buckinghamshire, Katy was intrigued by Christianity during her teenage years and eventually became a converted Christian.

Katy Brand in her teenage years in Buckinghamshire (Photo: VisitExeter.com)

Her parents, on the other hand, didn't believe in religion and would often mock Katy for being baptized. However, when her church banned the Harry Potter books and protested her decision to study, it was enough for Katy.

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Although she still follows Christianity, she doesn't have much fate in people, who preach religion for their comfort. Unlike her parents, Katy is also a feminist.

In her words, "feminism is not about replacing men; it's about creating equal opportunities for women too."

Height Plus Weight

Katy can look a bit chubby judging by her physical posture, but she is a beautiful woman with a heart of gold. Katy stands at a height of 5 feet, 5 inches (1.65m).

Some might argue that she is a little overweight weighing about 178 pounds (81 kgs), but her charming personality compensates for her weight. 

Although she has often been criticized for her weight, the TV host doesn't put any thoughts on the matter; Just like the saying, "A lion doesn't concern himself with the opinions of sheep."