Why Keenen Ivory Wayans & Wife Split Despite 5 Children & Immense Love?

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Why Keenen Ivory Wayans & Wife Split Despite 5 Children & Immense Love?

If you say love wins all the time, American comedian guru, Keenen Ivory Wayans might have a different say! 

Crossing paths with his now former-wife Daphne Polk at the age of 16, the comedy star started a beautiful romance story before he could make it big in the comedy world. 

Finally tying the knot at the age of 18, the young couple then entered in a husband-wife relationship welcoming their five children and mending a small happy family of their own.

However, while the comedy career was soaring to new heights, the In Living Color star's marriage ended lasting only for four years. 

But, the Scary Movie star still found the love once again after the divorce!

From "Just Friends" To Wife; Still "Friends" With Wife After Divorce

Before Wayans could initiate his comedy journey and achieve the Emmy Awards, the New York City, New York native had bigger things in store in his teenage days.

It was in summer vacation when Wayans met Daphne Polk and started the relationship as "just friends" only to grew immensely close with laughter and feelings.

Later on, deciding they were made for each other, the couple got married on June 2001 and added their own beautiful five kids to the Wayan family.  

Keenen Wayans calls an end to his beautiful marriage with his wife (Photo: Heavy.com)

With his career and family on both sides, Wayans, a boy who left his engineering scholarship, decided he was destined to do a different thing. Inspired by his idol Richard Pryor, Wayans then entered the comedy world with multiple comedy standup performances.

Coming together with fellow comedian, Eddie Murphy, he started his own collaborative show ‘Eddie Murphy Raw’. His dynamic performances gave him a breeding ground to start his own show “In Living Color” along with his siblings.

The show gained success at a great height, blessing his comedy career with more fame and fortune and giving him a great payoff, earning him a net worth of $65 million.

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But amidst his career, his love life was paying off just the opposite. Constant fights and dismantling of their marriage lead Wayans to file for divorce in the year 2004. But after the couples had chosen to go different paths, Polk still makes it clear that they still are good friends just living in different houses.

With five children in the house, the ex-pair are trying their best to make the life of their kids as happy as possible despite an end to their marriage.

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Dating A Hottie After Divorce; Girlfriend Gets Married To New Beau

It was nearly after 3 years that the Scary Movie producer decided to stir some romance in his life again. During the year 2007, he started dating the Sweet Valley High alum, Brittany Daniel.

Even though the couple tried to keep their relationship under the wrap, but their Miami vacation had given the public idea about how hot and steamy their connection was. Kissing Wayan on the lips and flaunting her stunning body in a leopard bikini, Daniel just made their sun bath more sizzling.

Wayans and girlfriend sharing some hot time together by the pool (Photo: Dailymail.co.uk)

Dating for nearly four years, the couples, who were gaining some media attention, just gave out an even bigger tabloid from their split. When Wayans made it clear that he had no intentions to marry again, his girlfriend made it clear that she didn’t want to spend an additional time with him.

After a certain interval, Daniel made it public about getting married to her new beau Adam Touni.

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With everybody moving on to their own paths, Wayans, on the other hand, was left with yet another breakup that would require some mending. Currently single, the comedian has not been reported to date anyone but has his door opened for anyone who’s interested.

But with such a strong friendship still maintained with former wife, Wayans might just call it in his past relationship once again!