Kelvin Benjamin Wife, Parents, Contract, Net Worth

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Kelvin Benjamin Wife, Parents, Contract, Net Worth

Bearing the pain of the loss of a loved one, Kelvin Benjamin was more motivated than ever while starting the 2018-19 NFL Season.

He was raised solely by his mother after his father got deported back to his homeland, Jamaica. Now, with both parents far away from him, the former Panthers wide receiver is set to start a new lifestyle on his own.

Married Or Dating?

Kelvin has been a family man in every chapter of his life.

He held his parents with high regards as a son and has also performed the duties of a responsible father in his family. The receiver first met his girlfriend Briona Mae in 2014 and soon decided to start a family with her.

Even though the couple has not got married, they share an inseparable bond. Together they have nurtured three children, two daughters: Kelyiah Benjamin and Khrissy Benjamin, and a son named Kingsten Benjamin.

Kelvin Benjamin and girlfriend Briona Mae enjoy a romantic evening in July 2019 (Photo: Kelvin Benjamin's Instagram)

Khrissy is the youngest in the family of five, who was born in January 2019.

Moreover, Kelvin and his girlfriend Briona have left no stone unturned to welcome the newest family member in their home.

As the parents of three young children, Kelvin and Briona should soon be ready to take their relationship to the next level and become husband and wife legally. 

Bio & Parents 

Kelvin Benjamin was born on 5 February 1991 in Belle Glade, Florida. His father was a Jamaican descendant who was deported to Jamaica when Kelvin was just two years old.

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Ever since that time, the Chiefs receiver was attached to his mother, Christine. Kelvin's mother inspired him in every step of his life, and whenever he had a bad outing, he looked upto his mother to feel better.

However, the Florida native faced a major setback in life when his mother unexpectedly passed away just a week before the training camps in July 2017. Facing the loss of one of the dearest person in his life, Kelvin dedicated the entire 2017 season to his mom.

As of now, the 28-year-old is gearing up for his new season with the Kansas City Chiefs. His height of 6 feet & 5 inches (1.95m) and adequate weight of 111 kgs is sure to play a vital role in his overall performance on the field.

Contract, Salary

Kelvin Benjamin’s stay in the NFL frame has been a long one. He has served the sport for five long years and gathered a wealth of experience under his belt.

Having debuted with the Carolina Panthers in 2014, he completed nine touchdowns and covered over 1000 yards to receive the ball in the field. His instrumental performance led him to a four-year contract with the Panthers, worth $7.64 million.

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The wide receiver was later lured into signing for the Buffalo Bills in 2017 when he was offered $8.4 million as a base salary. Finally, after a regular season with the Bills, he waved them goodbye and signed a one-year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs.

From his stay with the Chiefs, Kelvin earned a hefty salary, which added to his undisclosed net worth.