Ken Marino Wife, Gay, Net Worth, Children

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Ken Marino is a multi-talent man in the industry of...he has worked in numerous...married to a woman with similar career...worked together in...recieved an Emmy for it...have two children together...
Ken Marino Wife, Gay, Net Worth, Children

From a writer to a director and an actor on top of it all, the man with all the talents is none other than Ken Marino. He is a gem for Hollywood, who has been giving the industry his best from the very first day.

Being a versatile actor, Ken has played almost every part from a gay character to a tough coach, and he still manages to land roles. However, the actor has mostly portrayed himself as an antagonist on screen.

Ken Marino's Bio

Ken Marino, full name Kenneth Joseph Marino, was born on the 19th of December of 1968. A native of Long Island, New York, the actor belongs to the Italian ethnicity.

Son of Richard M. Marino and Diane E, Ken polished his craft from the New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Later, he attended the Lee Strasberg Institute in Manhattan New York.

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At the age of 50, the actor has managed to keep himself fit. Ken stands with a tall height of 6 feet (1.84 m) and has a body that compliments his physique.

Married: Wife & Children

Just like his career, the actor has been blessed in his personal life.

He has been in a relationship with his screenwriter wife, Erica Oyama for over a decade. The pair met back in 2003 at the talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live's Super Bowl party.

Initially, both of them had not planned to be there at the party, but destiny worked, and Ken stumbled into his future wife. Then, one thing led to another, and the pair started dating just three days after the fateful day.

Two years after, the pair rang the wedding bells and got married. And, the duo has been lucky enough to parent two children, a son Riley (born in 2007) and a daughter, Ruby (born in 2009).

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Well, Ken and his wife have worked together on Burning Love, a parody of the reality TV show, The Bachelor. Erica created the show while Ken directed it for the entirety of its run of three seasons.

Multi-Talent Actor, Net Worth

Ken began his career in 1992 with the TV show You Wrote It, You Watch It. And, it wasn't long after that he started gaining traction. His rise to fame came early on in his career when he co-founded a comedy group on the MTV comedy series The State.

He has since then starred in numerous movies and TV shows. However, that is not just his limit. Ken is also a director, comedian, and screenwriter. He has lent his talent in many different projects throughout his career. Notable ones being, Wanderlust, The Goldbergs, Super Fun Night, and Trophy Wife.

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Having spent so long in the industry, the actor has managed to make a name for himself among the elites. He has also been successful in terms of wealth; Ken is estimated to have a net worth of 1.5 million dollars.