Killian Scott Gay, Wife, Net Worth

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Killian Scott Gay, Wife, Net Worth

Born Cillian Murphy, actor Killian Scott adopted the stage name to separate himself from the widely-recognized fellow Irish man and Peak Blinders actor. 

With the name change, the Love/Hate star has been able to carve a legacy of his own. Also, he looks all set to surpass his better-recognized counterpart with recurring as well as leading roles in numerous TV shows and movies.

Married Man With Wife Or Dating Still?

To Killian's credit, he is master deceit. An intensely private individual, the Irish actor refrains from sharing his romantic escapades with ex-girlfriends in public. 

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When he does open about his dating life, he severely downplays his popularity among the female demographic. According to him, his on-screen love life doesn't reflect his off-screen experience.

In May 2019 interview with Independent, Killian claimed:-

“I'm far busier in the show than I am in real life. I don't particularly get much female attention... "

His claims to an extent are valid. On the RTE series Love/Hate alone, his character beds the likes of Siobhan (Charlie Murphy) Debbie (Susan Loughnane) and Georgina (Eve Macklin).

Killian Murphy with his co-star, Charlie Murphy at the Irish premiere of 71 in Dublin, Ireland in 2014 (Photo:-

Likewise, on several other Brit soap operas, the Ripper Street actor has portrayed the role of a faithful married man with a wife and children to look after. By Killian's admission, his female fans/wife hopefuls love the characters that he portrays on TV and not him.

Is Killian Scott Gay?

Unsurprisingly though, the talented actor's absence of married life - or wife-like partner, for that matter - has fueled questions about his sexuality.

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Gay allegations against celebrities are nothing new, but in Killian's case, it continues to persist despite his interest in women. Perhaps, the public at large believes that he's too good looking of a guy not to be gay?

Behind His Net Worth

Away from the nasty things that come with fame, Killian has amassed sizable net worth from his acting endeavors.

Since earning his first acting credit in the 2007 Irish feature film Creatures of Knowledge, his career trajectory has only traveled upwards.

Starring in guest roles in TV shows such as Ripper Street, Single-Handed and Strike since then, Killian announced his arrival. Meanwhile his leading roles in Love/Hate, Damnation, and Jack Taylor that made him a staple among the British television audience.

Insiders argue that his net worth revolves around a healthy seven-figure mark.

Essentials - Age, Birthday, Family & Height

Born in 1985 in Limerick Ireland, Killian - now age 34 - spent his formative years in Sandymount after his family moved there.

All of his older siblings (all brothers) are equally revered names in their respective field. His brother Eoghan Murphy is a Fine Gael politician, while the other, Colin Murphy is a playwright.

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A Cancer by birth sign, Killian celebrates his birthday on 6th July every year. Meanwhile, he boasts 5 feet and 10 inches (1.78 m) in height. Before pursuing a career in TV and movies, he studied Philosophy and English at the University Of Dublin.