Who Is Kristen Hager’s Boyfriend? Dating Status Of Canadian Actress

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Who Is Kristen Hager’s Boyfriend? Dating Status Of Canadian Actress

Canadian actress Kristen Hager, mostly known for her work as Cathy in the movie Wanted, has been a girlfriend and wife in her numerous projects and is adored by her acting skills that give life to any character she portrays. 

However, her fans are not aware of her personal details as her professional achievements. So, if you are willing to know all about Kristen's personal life, worry not, as all of those have been covered in the article below!

Relationship: From Reel To Real Life 

The 34-years-old Kristen Hager has been involved in numerous films and movies till date. In her numerous work credits, she has portrayed the roles of various characters: sometimes being a girlfriend whereas sometimes being a married woman. 

Kristen had played the role of a girlfriend and wife as Nora Sergeant in the supernatural comedy-drama Being Human. She also portrayed as Joan, the wife of Ted Kennedy, played by Matthew Perry, in the 2017's The Kennedys: Decline and Fall.

Kristen Hager in the set of Being Human (Photo: filmweb.com)

Later, She got the role of Abby Clarke in the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit where she acted as the girlfriend of Steven.

 She has a long list when it comes to onscreen romance, but she appears to be empty-handed in regards to her love relationship in real-life, as no information of Kristen dating and having a boyfriend has surfaced out to the media. 

Her social media accounts also lack the presence of any man who can be speculated as to her boyfriend. 

So, speculating on the current basis, Kristen appears to be far away from getting married and having a husband-filled-life. Perhaps, her perfect match has not shown up yet for her to flaunt the relationship in social media as well. 

Family Bliss With Parents 

Though Kristen's social media is untouched by her love affair, they timely hint the affection Kristen has for her parents. She shares the pictures of her mother and father in her accounts and shows her affection towards them time and again. 

One of such cases was on 22 June 2015, when she uploaded a picture with her dad in Instagram to wish him on the Father's Day.

Kristen also shared a glimpse of her family on her Instagram on 2 August 2015 uploading an old picture of her family reunion. 

Kristen Hager with family in the old days (Kristen Hager's Instagram)

Moreover, she Instagrammed a picture of her mother wishing her a happy mother's day back on 14 May 2017. The caption read: 

This lady. To my Momma, and all the Mommas, Happy Mother's Day!!  

As of now, it appears that Kristen is a loving daughter blessed by loving parents and remains out of the dating zone, most probably due to her professional obligations.