Kyle Lowder Takes Care Of Daughter Even After Divorce With Wife; Has A Girlfriend Now?

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Kyle Lowder Takes Care Of Daughter Even After Divorce With Wife; Has A Girlfriend Now?

Many couples face split, may it be a temporary or a permanent one. However, they come together for the sake of their child either by reconciling or co-parenting separately. Today, we have a similar story to share of American actor Kyle Lowder who still in touch with his ex-wife, and that’s all for the sake of his daughter.

The Bold and the Beautiful star was previously married to a woman named Arianne Zucker for years until they separated but has the spark between them reignited? Is he again a married man and has a wife or again in dating zone? Let’s get clear about everything today.

Separated with Wife but Loves Daughter Dearly:

The Emmy nominated actor Kyle Lowder, who is much appreciated for his acting and singing skills, was previously married to his girlfriend and co-actor from “Days of Our Lives” Arianne Zucker in 2002. Not much is known about their dating but probably their on-screen chemistry on “Days of Our Lives” is believed to have sparked the romance between them.

Over the years of marriage, their relationship has been very bumpy. The couple first announced their separation in 2007 but rekindled in February 2008. However, between all those years of struggle, the couple managed to welcome their daughter in 2009 and Kyle sees Arianne as a fabulous mother.

ALAS! What people thought would be a fairytale came to an end as both actors chose to grab separate ways and ended up getting divorce n 2014. 

His relationship with wife did end, but it sure wasn't an end to his relationship with his daughter. Kelly Lowder has not drawn back his hands from fatherhood as he still shares moments of him going out to school party for his daughter which is so amusing yet super cute to look at.

Further, Kelly is a proud father of his girl.

The chemistry of the father and daughter is cute and eye-pleasing as well!

Kelly Lowder Has Found Love Again?

After splitting with a wife of years, what is the latest relationship update of the actor? We are sure you are as curious as we are.

In due course, Kelly Lowder has again found love. Yes, you heard it right!

The 36 years old actor is back to dating. He has been in a relationship with Carrie St. Louis. The duo hasn't shared much about their relationship, but it seems they have been together for years now.

And they do look great together.

From the latest post of Missouri native what we can say that the cuddling romance of the duo is still going strong and he sure loves his girl honestly.

Stay with us for more news about Kyle Lowder and Arianna Zucker.

Short Bio of Kyle Lowder:

Born on 27 August 1980 Kyle Lowder started his career from early 2000 working in the American program “Days of Our Lives” that immediately got included in his work credits as well. Further, he also appeared in the hit series ‘Friends’ in 2003 as himself. Kyle then worked in American television show “The Bold and the Beautiful” in 2007. He also appeared in web series ‘DeVanity’ in 2012. 

All his work in different television must have helped him a lot to make an impressive amount of net worth. Despite the success, Kyle prefers privacy when it comes to his possessions, as he is yet to reveal the exact figure of his net worth to the media.