Landon Cube Net Worth, Height, Family, Girlfriend

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Landon Cube takes inspiration from legends like...his nationality is...has released songs worth amounts to...was interested in dating a girlfriend...if he ever got a girlfriend...
Landon Cube Net Worth, Height, Family, Girlfriend

American singer-songwriter- music producer Landon Cube has been involved in the music business for only a few years, but he has already become a hotshot and a fan favorite.

Taking inspirations for legends like Michael Jackson and Prince, Landon showcases his talent through his music and lyrics.

Net Worth, Family & Age Details

Born in Maryland in 1998, Landon is an American by nationality. He celebrates his birthday every year on 1st February.

A singing enthusiast from a young age, Landon's family, has always supported his decision to pursue a career in the music industry as his father is also a musician. Following the musical path, Landon started YouTube in 2013, but it was in 2016 when he got nationwide recognition.

Well, in 2016, he collaborated with Lil Skies on the famous song Red Roses, which put him in the spotlight.

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Till date, the musical artist with a height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m) has released multiple songs.

Some of his hit creations are Nowadays, Ridin, 19 and Beachtown. Landon also released an album titled Orange in 2019. His latest songs, along with his debut EP, are available on various social media sites including YouTube, Pandora, Play Music, Apple Music, and iHeartRadio.

Further, Landon is expanding his horizons by touring around the country. In 2019, he visited and performed in Maryland and Chicago.

From his career as a singer-songwriter, the 21-year-old has already garnered substantial net worth for himself. Although he likes to keep his finances private, he assumably makes an estimated annual earning ranging from $799 to $12.1K from his YouTube channel alone.

Dating Life & Girlfriend

Landon's fans might be happy to know that the singer might be single at the moment. Rarely spotted with a girl, he spends most of his time either hanging out with dudes or with his best friend Pete, who is also his pet dog.

Landon Cube spends a fun afternoon with pet dog Pete in May 2019 (Photo: Landon Cube's Instagram)

His non-existent dating life has raised suspicions on his sexuality, and there is no way to disprove the gay rumors either. However, there was a time when Landon was interested in dating a girlfriend.

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Back in April 2012, he mentioned via a tweet that if he ever got a girlfriend, he would immediately marry her. His desperation further reflected when he admitted to being judged as a womanizer at his school.

Landon explained that everyone at his school assumed that every person he knew was his girlfriend.

Given the singer's claim, if he had a girlfriend, he would have been married by now. But, the Round N Round hitmaker is still unmarried, which makes it easy to notice that he hasn't found the one.