Laura Jarrett Bio: CNN Reporter's Age, Husband, Famous Parents - All Details

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CNN reporter Laura Jarrett apart from reaching her career heights, the single child of her parents is also leading a happily married life with her husband...Laura, who ages...and stands at the height of...Laura is paid a handsome salary averaging...Her net worth amounts to...
Laura Jarrett Bio: CNN Reporter's Age, Husband, Famous Parents - All Details

CNN reporter Laura Jarrett has been one of the few lucky people who got appointed as a reporter for an international TV network without any prior experience.

With her golden chance, Laura left no room to prove that both age and experience are just numbers with her talent and hard work. Well, success is what glitters in her personal life too for the single child of her parents is also leading a happily married life with her husband.

But, before that let's take a look at her career chart and other personal details.

Bio Including Career At CNN, Age, And Height; Parents' Info

Laura's bio suggests that Laura was born as the only child of her parents. Her parents, Valerie and William Robert Jarrett got married in 1983 but divorced five years after getting married in 1988.

Five years post her parents' separation, Laura's father passed away due to a fatal heart attack while she was still attending the Harvard Law School.

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Laura's mother's connection with a former US President also helped her get a boosting start to her career.

The CNN reporter, who ages 33 and stands at the height of above 5 feet, previously worked as a litigation attorney based in Chicago. Prior to that, Laura worked as a defense lawyer for companies prosecuted by the Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission

Her mom, Valerie Jarrett is a close associate of Barack Obama and even served as his senior adviser during his Presidency.

Valerie, who ages 61, had even interviewed Michelle Obama in 1991 for a job at the Chicago Mayor's office. Valerie's bio mentions that she became close friends with the Obama couple after the incident and still remains as a trusted confidante to this day. 

Laura Jarrett's mother, Valerie Jarrett (Photo:

She met Barack Obama in 1991 when he accompanied his fiancée, Michelle Robinson to a dinner with Jarrett as part of Michelle's job interview for a position in the mayor's office. Michelle got the job, and the three have been friends ever since.

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Due to the influence of Laura's mother, she became appointed as a Washington-based reporter for CNN in 2016 without any prior experience.

Currently, Laura is assigned to report the Justice Department's news and crime incidents from Washington D.C. CNN certainly played a gamble hiring an inexperienced reporter but Laura didn't disappoint.

Her presence has even increased the viewers of CNN in the states and for her contributions, Laura is paid a handsome salary averaging $105,370 per year. However, Laura has not disclosed the exact amount of her net worth.

Knew Husband From College; Wedding Attended By President Obama

Laura was doing much more than law while attending the Harvard School. She first met her now-husband Tony Balkissoon at the school and began the chapters of her dating life. 

While it's still unknown whether the two were dating from college days or whether Tony became her boyfriend after the two graduated from the university, she married her husband Tony Balkissoon in a private wedding held in Chicago in June 2012 at the age of 27.

Tony, who is the son of Scarborough-Rouge River MPP Bas Balkissoon, is also a Harvard Law School graduate like his wife and currently works as a lawyer in the Windy City.

Laura Jarrett along with her husband, Tony Balkissoon (Photo:

The wedding, which was attended by some high-profile VIPs including then-President Barack Obama along with his wife Michelle Obama and children. In addition to about other 280 guests that included Obama Administration's Attorney General Eric Holder, an important adviser to former president Bill Clinton namely Vernon Jordan. 

The ceremony was held at Valerie's mother's home and was kept as a private event. The reception was later organized in the backyard of the wedding home under a gigantic marquee tent.

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Further, reporters/photographers were not allowed in the event, which is why not many photos of the wedding are made available to the public. Talking about the marriage between Laura and her husband, Tony's father only mentioned that "it was kind of cool," but refused to reveal any explicit details of the event. 

Laura's married life is relatively low-key but reportedly they are content living with each other as husband and wife.

Further, there have been no claims of Laura being pregnant or the two co-parenting a child, so viewers might have to wait a while before the couple decides to start a family of their own.